Sunday, June 28, 2009

Project 365 ~ Week 26

HALF WAY!!! I can't believe I actually made it to half way!! While it seems like a long time ago that I decided to join in with this, I also can't believe it's been 6 months already. Wow! I have some doubles on a couple of days this week, so I hope you enjoy them.
Sunday - June 21

My brother Lance, my dad Tony, and Jay golfed together (with Austin, Jays dad & another man) for Fathers day, while the girls and I went to my parents house to visit. The guys all came there when they were done.

Monday - June 22

Austin was in a golf tournament this morning. Thankfully he was done by noon as the heat index got to well over 110 and there was absolutely NO breeze. This is a picture of Austin and one of the kids he played against, walking to the first hole to tee off.

One of the perks at many golf courses is the "goodie bags" you get for entering. Sponsoring companies will put together gifts like this which included a hat, 3 balls and some tees. Austin already has more golf hats than one person could ever need in their lifetime!

Tuesday - June 23

A severe storm was coming (this picture doesn't do the sky justice), and it brought with it some pretty ominous looking clouds.

This shot shows a picture of Jay, his dad & Austin trying to hurry and finish up baling the hay before it hit. The storm moved in too quickly though and they didn't get it done in time.

Wednesday - June 24

Another golf tournament for Austin. Thankfully the weather was much nicer today. However, we had to be on the road by 6am, so I kept reminding him that he was lucky I loved him enough to do that. LOL

This course had lots of geese on it, more than I've seen on any one course before. Play got backed up at one point, so we had to sit for 5-10 minutes before the guys could hit their next shot. This one goose sat with it's foot up like that the entire time! Can you imagine having balance that good? I'd love it!

Thursday - June 25
After such a busy week so far, today was a good day for a power nap. Ringo agreed!

Friday - June 26

For his birthday (back in May), Austin asked for prescription sunglasses, so that's what we got him. He picked out the frames he liked and our Optomotrist sent them in. Unfortunately the frames have been back-ordered and it took over 3 weeks to get his sunglasses in for us to pick up. Finally, today they came in! Austin was so excited! But don't let this smile fool you. I tried and tried to get a picture today of him in the new sunglasses, but he refused. So the picture you see was actually taken on Saturday (6/27) when we were at the wedding reception. I held the camera down low and took several with the hopes of getting one good one. He still doesn't know I took his picture. I'm finding I'm having to be sneaky for these 365 pics! LOL

Saturday - June 27
We attended our niece Tiffany's wedding. It was a beautiful hawaiian luau themed wedding and reception, and the weather helped make it a beautiful day.

Well, there you have our week. It's well after midnite and I am very ready for bed after a long day at the wedding, but I wanted to finish up getting my pictures uploaded so I could link up my 365 post. Is that dedication or what? LOL


skoots1mom said...

enjoyed your pictures :)

cool glasses...i like seeing reflections in glasses

the bridge and groom had a great day...what a neat theme...i wish i had worn sandals on my wedding day, I would have had more fun rather than my feet hurting

Kim said...

We have to keep reminding our kids of all the sacrifices we made/make for they'll put us in a really NICE nursing home! LOL

Great photos! Esp. liked the one of the three generations.

sara said...

you have to be kidding me!!! I totally MISSED that this week was 1/2 way!!! I was planning a giveaway too....see what vacation does to you...hmmmm, will have to rethink that one!