Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Say It Ain't So Fritzy

Fritz Henderson is the CEO of GM. GM announced it is discontinuing 4 lines of GM cars, and one of those is my beloved Saturn.

"So what?" "You've only been with Saturn a couple of years, so what's the big deal"?

The big deal for me is the way Saturn treats people...namely women. I can't stand going into other dealerships as they always seem to talk to Jay and sort of "tolerate" me being there. Each time we've been in Saturn they have been so awesome to not only both of us, but to Austin as well. They get him some popcorn and a soda, even when we are just there for routine maintenence.

The other nice part about Saturn is that the salesmen are paid on the number of vehicles they sell, not the total dollar amount, so there is zero pressure to get you to buy something more expensive. They asked lots of questions about what we were looking for and showed us the vehicles that would work best for us, starting with the oldest model they had and working to the newer one - not the other way around.

They also have ONE price for each vehicle. No haggling, and the salesman's buddy "Bob" doesn't get a better price just because he knows him.

Plus, when you come in to have any work done, you pull up in front of their doors, which automatically open and you drive right in. No getting out in the rain or freezing cold - BONUS!

You need to understand that I am NOT a car person. I have never really cared what I have driven, as long as it gets me from point A to point B without too much embarrassment. But that changed when we got our Vue at Saturn.

I am really sad to know they will be disappearing and so will their "new" attitude on how to treat clients. In my opinion, they have customer service down to a T and it's a shame that GM doesn't make that a requirement with all their lines.
Goodbye Saturn. It's been a fun ride.


Kelly said...

Ditto here for me and my Pontiac
G6. They're not making those anymore either. I thought Pontiac made such pretty cars. Oh, well. I guess you and I weren't enough to keep them going.

2Thinks said...

Yep. I like my Chevy Malibu Maxx the same way and my Chevy dealership is fabulous. I don't think they make the Maxx anymore either.