Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Summer Bathroom

Since the seasons are changing, that means it's time for me to change out my bathroom (aka: guest bathroom). Down came all the Springtime flowers, and up went Flip-Flops!

I have hand towels with flip-flops that are coming, but they are backordered until next week, so I left the others up for now.

I bought the tie-dyed pair of flip-flops at Wallyworld and put them on the corners of the big mirror....a cheap way to decorate. LOL

I couldn't find a soap dispenser (unless I wanted to pay $25 - which is ridiculous!), so I bought a plain blue one and attached 3-D scrapbooking stickers.

At the same time I bought the other flip-flops, I bought these 6 tiny pairs of toddler flip-flops. Funny story with them - when I went through the checkout the lady said "Oh my gosh, do you have sextuplets?" I chuckled and said "Yep. Just call me Kate." She actually looked at me with a totally serious face and asked "Are you really?"

I found this cute little frame and added a picture of the kids that would have put them about the ages they would have been when wearing the flip-flops in the boxes.

I've had this frame with this picture in it for a few years in my office, so I just took it off the wall for now and put it on the bathroom counter.

I have 3 really cute funny little pink flamingos wearing flip-flops that are coming with the towels that are backordered, and those will go on top of a couple of the boxes....and then room will be done. Yeah! Ok, now that the bathroom is ready for Summer, can we PLEASE have summer type weather ?!?!?!


Kelly said...

Love the sticker idea.

skoots1mom said...

how fun
you're good at decorating!!

The Naths said...

That is so adorable!