Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I'm Still Wiped Out!

The fair must have been harder on me than I realized, because I am still so tired. Oh my goodness. I have taken a nap both yesterday and today. So I'm sorry, but there's no fair updates yet. I can't even think straight, and when I am this tired, you get random-ness. ha!

A couple of updates about our week. Tomorrow I am taking Molly & Ringo to the vet. Ringo just needs his rabies shot updated, but Molly (who has a history of having cancer twice before we adopted her) has a lump that needs to be checked out. We're keeping our fingers crossed that it's nothing.

Also tomorrow, Austin is supposed to leave for the FFA summer trip. You have to participate in a certain number of activities, fundraisers, etc, to get to go on this trip and he's been looking forward to it. However, as of right now, I don't think he'll be going. He hasn't felt great the past couple of days and today I took him to the doctor to get him started on antibiotics so he wouldn't get any worse on the trip. Well this afternoon his temp spiked (101*) and he laid on the couch covered in a blanket straight through until about 9:00 when he decided to go to bed. I tried to be optimistic for him and saying "Well, hopefully you'll feel great by morning and then you can still go" and he just said "Well, we'll see", so I could tell he wasn't feeling well. Poor guy.

And now here is a picture puzzle for you. We had a plant start growing right outside our front steps this spring. It has gotten bigger and bigger, and is now HUGE! What is it? And how in the world did it get here? I definitely didn't plant anything, because I know I'd just kill it. Here's a couple of pictures of it....

To give you an idea of the size of this plant, the white rock behind the plant is over 3' tall. I would guess the plant has spread to over 6' wide.

Under the leaves you see several of these "bulbs" (or whatever they are) growing.

Any guesses???

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sara said...

looks like some kind of melon!! Someone could have spit a watermelon seed there and it began to grow. That has happened to us and the plant spreads fast and far!!!

good news.....you might have some tasty melon to eat..FREE!!