Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Aunt P

Jay has an Aunt that lives out of state, so we don't get to see her very often. With the help of online photo storage sites, we can help keep her and other family members updated on what the kids are doing and other "goings on" in our life.

Aunt P, always replies back thanking us for sending her the link for the pictures. But bless this woman, she cannot spell to save herself....and she freely acknowledges this from what I have been told.

I uploaded pictures a couple of days ago from the fair to share with Aunt P and others, and she replied back as usual, thanking me for sending the link. She also made a congratulatory comment about the fact that several of the children (all with the last name of Heeren) including my own, were "winners". However, due to a unique misspelling, it totally changed the sentence. Her message said:

"Thanks for sharing. Congrts. I heard all the Heerens were sinners."


Tiffany said...

ROFL, that's too funny!!!

sara said...

that is funny!! you need to send that to readers digest!