Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday At The Co Fair

We're here!! We're at our County Fair for the week.

Do you like the picture I made of Jay and I? I laugh every time I see it, but I know Jay would wring my neck if he saw it. Good thing it's a busy week for him. HA!

It's definitely odd for me to have nothing I'm obligated to be doing here at the fairgrounds. For the past 9 yrs I was one of the 4-H leaders and today is exhibit room project judging, so I would have been getting kids to where they needed to be going to be judged, helping to arrange judged items in our booth and just basically monitoring things for our club. None of our kids even did an exhibit item this year, so we are able to just relax and visit with friends. Different, but very nice!


Kelly said...

Well, just sit back and enjoy. After years of hard work, I'm sure you deserve it.

sara said...

great pic!!

I know it is nice to not have anything to be responsible for, but if you are like kind of miss those times!!!

have a great week!

Becky said...

Have a great time enjoying the fair! The picture is very funny :-D

My oldest will be starting 4H this fall.

2Thinks said...

Great picture! I always wanted to enter my rabbits in the fair, but they said aged 44 was too old- for the owner, not the rabbits. *sigh*