Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Is It Still A Lie, If I Didn't Know I Was Lying?

Yesterday I posted that we were at the fair.

I hang my head in shame as I tell you, that is a lie. *sigh*

Every year, for the past 10 years we have been at the fair on Monday of "fair week". So I assumed we'd be there this year too, which is why I posted that (I actually typed it up on Sunday night). I assumed wrong.

I rushed around Sunday trying to get everything done so I'd be ready to go. I finished up this morning, took my shower, and even dried/straightened my hair instead of leaving it curly. All this before 10am.

I ran Molly to the vet because the "poor thing" had a sore leg she hadn't put weight on since early Sunday morning, and I didn't want to leave without having it checked. Of course, a miracle occured somewhere along the way and when the vet walked in Molly walked around the exam room with barely a limp (I swear, sometimes dogs are like children!). Molly got the "do you know we are supposed to be leaving and I don't have time for you to be a Diva and fake an injury" speech on the way home.

Then I sat down and waited for Jay to get home after doing chores and some other farm-related work.

And I waited.

And I waited.

By then it was 1:00 and I was hungry, so I had a turkey sandwich and some baked lays (my guilty pleasure...well, one of them anyhow).

And I waited.

And I waited.

I called Jay and said "Um, shouldn't we be there by now?" To which he answered "Be where?"

Uh hellooooooooo!

That's when I found out, very nonchalantly I might add, that we weren't going to the fair until today because there's no reason for us to be at the fairgrounds on Monday. I explained that I obviously didn't get the memo on that, but it didn't seem to matter, since we're still here.

So my little picture that declared we were having a great time at the fair is all a lie. We haven't had a great time, yet.

But we are going to the fair today!

Well, as far as I know anyhow.....


Becky said...

lol, no harm done :-p

tiffany said...

I miss memos like that a lot too lol
Have a great time today if you're able to get there!!

sara said...

just for that I think you need to blow up that picture from yesterday and post it somewhere for him!!!

have a great time today though!

Kelly said...

Oh, well. I'm sure you would've been having lots of fun if you had been there.

BTW, my son is the parlimentarian in FFA. I'm very impressed with the organization, and especially his AG Science teacher who is the club's sponsor. Very, very dedicated.

Darla said...

that is too funny. i am like you, it would have bothered me sooo bad to have not been totally honest...it made a great post though so theres the silver lining in it all! hope you have fun at the FAIR when you get to go.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

I have done something similar before with automatic posting. UGh!