Saturday, July 25, 2009

Project 365 ~ Week 30

It's fair week!

Ok, wow...somewhow I just underlined that sentence I typed above. I have always wondered how to do that, but haven't been able to figure it out and then voila! Somehow, it appears to have done it all on it's own. Kinda freaky if I do say so myself!! On that note, if anyone can enlighten me on how to underline and strike-out words here at Blogger, that'd be swell. :)

Ok, anyhow, on with our week!

Sunday 7-19

I ran some pre-fair errands in the town Chelsea lives in, so I picked her up and she rode along. We both have a weakness for cheap mexican food so, of course that's where we had to go for lunch.

Later in the afternoon, both Ashley & Chelsea came home so that they (along with Austin) could give their fair show pigs baths and trim up their hair to look neater. It's amazing to me how "normal" this is to my farm children. When I was growing up, I could never have imagined even getting near a pig, let alone grooming it. Jay used to help the kids do this when they were younger, but now they do it all on their own.

Monday 7-20

Monday is the day I "thought" we were going to the fair, but turned out we didn't. That ended up being ok, because Molly was like this on early Sunday morning and stayed that way into Monday. She didn't move unless she had to, and when she did she wouldn't put any weight on her one front leg. I didn't want to leave her in the kennel not knowing if she was seriously injured or not, so I ran her to the vet to have it looked at. Wouldn't you know it, as soon as the vet came in, Molly hopped down and walked all over the place with barely a limp. I sat there with my jaw wide open, stuttering and stammering saying "Seriously, she has been seemingly on her death bed!"

After a thorough exam, the only issue that was found is a small lump in her lower belly. Molly has had cancer twice before, so this lump was recorded and we will have to watch to see if it changes and grows. However, by the time we got back home her leg was just fine. The stinker!

Tuesday - 7-21

Tuesday we headed to the fair after lunch. When we have chaotic days, and we know we won't all get a chance to eat at the same time, I do allow the kids to eat in the living room, however they are not allowed to eat while sitting on the furniture. When this happens, this is a sight we see quite often....Tucker hides behind Austin as if Austin would never know he is there. Tucker's never tried to jump out and grab his food, but I guess if Austin falls asleep or walks away, Tucker feels he's ready to go. No matter how many times we call Tucker, he never moves. LOL

Wednesday 7-22

Chelsea & I helped with the rabbit show at the fair. They had an alumni showmanship competition and Chelsea scored a perfect 100 on that. I wasn't too surprised, since while she was in school she almost always won showmanship. That's just an area she shines in and has such confidence in herself. She was one of the teen project leaders in high school and helped teach the younger kids how to work with, care for, and show their rabbits. The ladies she's pictured with are the current project leaders that I worked with up through last year. Fun group!!

Thursday 7-23

This was a pretty rough day for me. Even though I believe I was as extremely careful as I could have been while helping at the rabbit show, it was still more than my body could handle and I suffered with a lot of swelling and extreme pain in my joints and bones throughout my body. I was so miserable that I ended up leaving the fair and just going home. I cried with such frustration at all that I knew I was missing at the fair, but at the same time, I couldn't enjoy it when I was in such pain. I spent most of day (and tomorrow) sitting in the hot tub about every other hour. I'd lay there for about 15 min or so and it just helped ease all my muscles that were tightening up from the pain.

Friday 7-24

I stayed home from the fair yet again today. I still had significant swelling and pain, and with tomorrow being the pig show, I KNEW I didn't want to do anything that could risk me missing that. I continued my hot tub soaks and other than that I laid on the couch or bed and rested. We were under a storm watch for the afternoon and at one point I got a little excited when I saw these clouds coming in, but they drifted off to the south and we didn't even get a sprinkle. However, the clouds were pretty cool looking - at least while they lasted.

Saturday 7-25 PIG SHOW!!

This is the biggest day of the fair for us, however, I never took a single picture with my phone camera, and I can't DL the other photos until I get home. Sooo, no pig show photos.

What I did get a few pictures of was of all of us relaxing after the show. We sat around sharing lots of laughs until the wee hours of the morning. It's so awesome to have good friends you can do that with.

Here's Kathy "chillaxing" (my new word LOL)

Here is our friend Tom & his son. (Jay is in the background)

Ok, so thats my pictures for this week. I'm off in a few minutes to go watch Chelsea as she walks through the parade of champions (I'll have pics of that for next week), and then we'll be forced to do one more day of relaxing. Tomorrow is clean up day and then we all head home. I'll get around to seeing all the other365 pics then. If you haven't seen them all before, make sure to head over to Sara's through the link in the sidebar.


Tiffany said...

Fantastic pics this week, love that word Chillaxing! LOL
What sweet doggies Molly and Tucker are, I hope the lump is nothing serious. Isn't it always that way with kids and dogs, the second you get them to the doc they are all better?!
Yeaaay for Chelsea, congrats on the perfect score!
Hope you're aches and pains are at least lessened today if not gone..
Hugs, Tiff

sara said...

what great pictures!!! And i loved learning a bit about it all (being the city girl that I am).

Hoping you are feeling better today!!!

skoots1mom said...

u had a FUN week!!
thx 4 sharing :)
hope u'r feeling better!

TCKK said...

Tucker and Molly are so cute!!!!

fransmomma said...

sounds like an exciting week. i do hope you're feeling better. it was probably nice to have an empty house to relax in!
let me know if you figure out how to strike words-thats one i'd like to use too!

Kim said...

Oh my, I've always loved fair week! Living in a farming community, we didn't have school on Monday and a few of the schools had Tuesday off too, and all the kids who were showing animals basically had a free pass from school that week (our fair is the last week of September).

Anyway, really enjoyed your photos. Sorry that you had a couple of rough days though! Glad you were able to be there for the most important day, "chillaxing" with your friends and family. [that should TOTALLY be a word!]

Have a great week!

Kelly said...

I can't wait to see the rest of the fair pictures. I hope you're feeling lots better now. Sure wish the doctors would find a "magic cure" for your ailments.

rita said...

I love that we are all blog=learning together and not afraid to admit it. I am really surprised that so far no one has responded to your crossing-out-words request. I had to ask my SIL twice how to do it and was hoping she'd say something in her comment that would remind me :(
You also give us insights into the fair-life of a pig-raising-family.
And I especially appreciated that you shared about your physical challenges and how you deal with them. I have read and watched hoping to understand the condition because of my cousin who is afflicted. I often wondered how you coped so well.
You just chillax, sistah! (don't know how I'd explain that word to my Spanish friends! :)