Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fun At The County Fair

Starting with Tuesday...

We have finally arrived. For starters, I have told my husband a bazilion times already that I am so grateful for the 4" memory foam that he placed on our bed in the camper so that we no longer have to try to endure countless lumps, bumps and backaches. aaahhhh!

Tuesday started off by us setting up the camper once we got set in place. There is a long standing joke about the giant red underwear that started the first year we camped and now the big red grannie panties are a "tradition". People find our camper by looking for the red panties. They HAVE to hang out there, so of course, those were one of the first things set up, along with our chairs and a few fun signs.

Tuesday also included fun activities like a day long dog obedience show, young children being told by their parents to stay in groups and to stay away from the carnis, kids of all ages asking their parents for money, and it was topped off by the fair parade which official kicks-off the county fair. It also included Chelsea having to do papers for her summer college classes. Nothing like sitting on a camper bed working on Childrens Lit. LOL

I stayed away from it all except the parade. Ashley & Chelsea were in the parade, riding their horses for the saddle club they are members of. Horses are of course at the very end of the parade (so no one has to risk stepping in any gifts they leave behind), so we sat through 2 hours of tractors and other implements, floats for local businesses as well as businesses from neighboring towns, and there were groups that walked the entire route, which is why it lasted as long as it did. Oh well, the horses came through, the girls looked great and had fun, and then it was done. I have no pictures of that to show yet, because that is one of the few times I actually remembered my camera and I haven't downloaded those yet.

Oh but wait...let me back up. The highlight of the day was kmart! LOL Ok, not really. But embarrassing my son while I stood outside the store taking a picture of the lightbulb character was! Kmart is the only store in this town, and I honestly haven't been in a Kmart in forever, so it was a novelty for me.

Wednesday we had a busy day. Ashley & Chelsea both helped with the horse show and then Chelsea and I helped with the rabbit show. I used to be one of the 4-H rabbit project leaders and Chelsea raised rabbits and showed them, not only in 4-H & FFA, but in open shows around the state. The ladies that run it are the same ones I ran it with, and they asked if we'd help out and we both said yes right away. Here is Chelsea showing me that she's really doing her "official" paperwork for the show.

Afterwards, Chelsea participated in an Alumni rabbit showmanship competition and she won with a perfect score of 100! Although, I do have to say that she had an unfair advantage since she's only been out of school one year and she's won showmanship several times in the past. It was still fun and she had a great time.

Wednesday evening was the coronation ceremony with the crowning of the new county fair queen. It's hard for me to believe it's been an entire year since my girls were in that competition. WOW! Time has sure flown!

Tomorrow the pigs get weighed in and my nephew Jacob will be showing his sheep. Friday all the pigs get a bath, I make my usual "friday during the fair" trip home to do laundry, and Saturday is our super busy show all day long - the pig show!

Every day (per doctors orders) I'm to rest and lay down quietly for an hour. Well my hour is up, so I'm off to go sit outside with everyone and visit. LOL. I'll update again soon!


Kelly said...

Sounds like something from a movie. I can't imagine a county fair like that. I'd love to visit one day.

skoots1mom said...

what a fun time...
we have our fair in september