Saturday, August 01, 2009

Project 365 ~ Week 31

Sunday - 7/26

Sunday was the last offical day of the County Fair. In the evening there was a demolition derby, and since my sister-in-law Jodi and I aren't big fans of watching cars smash into each other, we stayed back at the campsites and visited.

Monday - 7/27

After the livestock auction was over in the morning, we had to take down the campsite and head home. The giant red panties were packed away until next years fair.

Tuesday - 7/28

The start of a bad couple of days. Austin started not feeling well this afternoon, and by suppertime he was running a fever, his head was stuffed and his throat was sore. The worst part was that he was scheduled to leave early Wednesday morning for the FFA summer trip. Unfortunately, he was pretty sick on Wednesday and didn't get to go.

Wednesday - 7/29

I had to take both Ringo & Molly both to the vet today. Ringo needed his rabies shot updated, and Molly had a lump checked. She had cancer twice before we adopted her 2 years ago, and the vet isn't sure if it's come back again or if it's perhaps just a benign tumor. She is scheduled for surgery to have it removed in a couple of weeks.

Thursday - 7/30

Chelsea is moving to a new apartment in a few days, but had to be out of her old apartment today, so until Monday she's back living at home. Along with her came my "grand-fish" in their little travel containers. She and her roommates each bought two, but after a while the others were bored with having to care for them and Chelsea adopted them (one has since died because a friend wondered if fish like hot dogs). She was going to be gone overnight with a friend, so the second picture is of her showing me how much food to give each one.

Friday - 7/31

A couple of my test results show I have a sensitivity to chemicals, including Chlorine. Therefore, today we drained the hot tub, cleaned it really well, and then refilled it. We'll now use different spa cleansers that are chlorine and bromide free.

Saturday - 8/1

Check this out. I am sitting on my front steps, barefoot at 8:30PM. Do you know what makes this so remarkable? I don't have a single drop of insect repellent on. It's been such a cool, dry July (and gets cool enough at night) we have barely seen any bugs at all. In past years, my legs would have been totally covered in bites (mosquitos really love me), but I sat out there, enjoying the wonderful 70 degree temps, watching our mini horses running and kicking as they enjoyed the weather as well. This really has been the best Summer so far as far as our weather goes. If we could have Summer weather like this every year, I'd be such a happy camper!

There ya go. Another week in our lives. Head on over to Sara's through the link in the sidebar to check out all the other Project 365 photos!


sara said...

OK, did I miss something along the way about the big red panties?!!!! I need to know the story!!!

nice blue nail polish!! :)

mine is up now so you can link in...I was a bit late!

Dena said...

If you click on the words "giant red panties" in the post it'll link you to the story about them...but the short version is that it started as a way to show my daughter that hanging jeans on a clothes line to dry is not as redneck as you think it could be...there could be worse things to hang. Now they are a tradition at our fair. One year we didn't put them out and lots of people asked about them. ha!

Kelly said...

Well, all your bugs have made their way to Georgia to join the 10 million we already had.

Kim said...

Y'all are having about the same kind of weather this summer as we're having here in winter :-) Not quite as warm here but almost! We've had plenty of high 60s and low 70s. My kind of winter. LOL

Enjoyed all your photos, and the story about the big red panties. What a fun/funny tradition!

Sorry Austin had to miss the trip. Bad timing. But when is it ever a good time to get sick? Hope he's feeling better now.

Have a great week!

TCKK said...

Love the toe nail polish

Lisa said...

That hot tub looks very inviting! I guess there could be harder things to stay away from than chlorine.

What a bummer your son missed the trip...hope no one else gets sick.

fransmomma said...

grrr-mosquitoes love me too. how can they tell we taste so good??
so glad you're having a pleasant summer--someone should!! its been in triple digits here since june. CRAZY!!

Liz said...

What a great week! The panties are hilarious! The nail polish on your toes...great!

Esthermay said...

Demolition derby: :-p yuck
“Grand-fish” FUNNY Funny!

I’ll take this summer’s “Summer” any day too!
Cool and dry and no bugs! AMEN!!!
Global Warming: HAHAHAHAHAHAha!