Tuesday, July 14, 2009

We Women Are Serious & Proper

The following explains why there are so few pictures of my mother & my sisters and I...and this year our poor sister-in-law was introduced to the chaos (I hope you aren't too traumatized Melissa).

Attempt #1: They asked for tallest to shortest, so my sister Theresa and I stood in the back - guess they meant they wanted us in front.

Attempt #2 - "No really, this will be so cute". Whoever said that needs bopped. Just what I want, a picture with my big ol' balloon-sized head poking out to the side, with an "I hope no one notices I've been sneaking some wine" squinty look in my eyes. (Seriously - why is my head look so big?)

Attempt #3 - Ok, you stand here. No wait, why don't you come over here. Yank mom over here. (I get the giggles because one sister points and tells Melissa to stand over there...Melissa is legally blind. She doesn't know where you just pointed to, and at this point I'm losing it!!)

Attempt #4 - Here this'll be fun. Let's lift up our mama who's deathly afraid of heights. Yea, that'll be good times and oh so cute to have her "green" and crying like a girl in a photo!

Attempt #5 - Comments (inter-mixed with extreme laughter) were as follows:
I hope she doesn't have gas!
Goodness she's heavy. How much did you eat today mom?
Oh good, Melissa's helping with the heaviest part - her feet.
Who's idea was this?

Attempt #6 - Ok squeeze in close together. No closer, closerrrrrr....

Attempt #7 - Got it!! Finally!! Whewwwwwww...

L to R: my sister Debi, Me, my mom Sandi, my sister-in-law Melissa & my sister Theresa


Darla said...

how fun is that! i have 3 sisters, and this would be a fun thing to do duing picture time, just be silly!!! heheh, thanks for making me smile. :D

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Well, after all that, it IS pretty sweet. I loved the commentary. Poor Mom, you girls picking on her like that.