Friday, August 14, 2009

FFA Pig Show - Friday

Breakfast time before the show starts!

In the show ring during one of the classes.

The kids are watched over the 2 days to see how well they do exhibiting their pig(s). The judges pick the top 10 kids they feel did the best and those kids win a belt buckle - which is basically like a trophy. There are a LOT of great exhibitors, and I can't imagine having to narrow it down to just 10, but Chelsea was one of the kids who won a buckle!

As the days go on, we have less and less sleep and we start to get a little silly, as you can see by Ashley who is showing us her "gangsta" look. LOL

Not that I would know anything about acting silly.

We are now done showing pigs until the last day of the fair. That means we can actually get outside of the hog barn and go see some of the fair! I can't wait!

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sara said...

Have a funnel cake for me please!!!