Sunday, August 16, 2009

First Weekend At The Fair

Saturday was a bust for me. My feet and hands were swollen and really painful. My shoulders, neck & hips also ached really bad, so Darvovet, Advil & the heating pad were my friends all day. Jay and Austin walked around together most of the day, and the girls hung out with their friends. I laid in the camper and went back and forth between reading and sleeping. It was a day I was glad to have over with that's for sure.

I was actually glad that if I had to have a day stuck in the camper, then it's ok it was on Saturday. Weekends at the fair are CRAZY as far as the crowds. The photo on the left is from a year ago on a Saturday. It is seriously wall-to-wall people. It's so bad that we actually avoid the areas like the main concourse that are the worst.

Sunday morning we went to the hog barn to get ready to watch our nephew, our cousin & the sons of some friends compete in showmanship and we saw these pigs laying next to each other. Two elderly ladies walked by and said "Oh look, they're spooning." I was like "eeewww, Grandma's aren't supposed to talk like that!" LOL

Sunday at Suppertime was awesome because I was able to enjoy my favorite meal at the fair....a chicken ceasar wrap. mmmmm! They are soooooo good! Plus, I love the building they are in. They are on the 2nd floor of the ag building, which has to be one of the oldest buildings on the grounds. The architecture is amazing!

After supper we walked around a bit, and we saw "Father Goose". This man was walking around the fairgrounds with his group (gaggle?) of geese, who just followed him everywhere he went. He had them dressed and he talked to them as if they could understand him - and maybe they could, because when he'd ask them a question, one of them would honk back at him.

One thing the fair is known for is it's free concerts. They have awesome concerts every night. Here, Jay was getting us and a friend of ours refreshments for the concert we were waiting to see.

Tonight's concert was Heidi Newfield. If you know anything about country music, Heidi used to be part of a country group called "Trick Pony", but she is now a budding solo artist. This picture was taken by Ashley, who was with a group of friends, right by the stage. We were about half-way back and my phone camera didn't zoom nearly enough to get a decent picture, so I had her get one for me.

Now, it's 11pm and I'm wide awake, waiting for my sleep aid to kick in. Austin's wanting to get on the computer because he's going through facebook withdrawls, so I'll end my fair highlights for now. Tomorrow we will be watching the 4-Hers show their pigs, and hopefully I can get to the craft tables and flea markets.


Kelly said...

I'm sorry you were down and out Saturday. I sure hope you're feeling better now.

That fair looks amazing. You're so lucky to have a camper and be able to go and stay the entire time.

sara said...

ya, didn't know pigs spooned!!!

I hope you are feeling better and can enjoy the rest of the fair

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

The spooning pigs...that's hilarious! What a mixture of good memory makers/bad body abuse! I hope you can feel better soon! :-)