Monday, August 24, 2009

More Than Just Bringing Lemonade

This picture requires an explanation, which is why I saved it for a separate post and not with all the other fair photos.....

Jay and I were walking around the fair and we stopped in a shady spot to "people watch".

Heaven knows you see ALL kinds of people at a fair.

You can work up quite thirst while people watching, so Jay walked across the concourse to get us each a lemonade. While he was gone, I saw a lady off to the side in this purple tie-dyed tank top and I honestly thought she was drunker than a skunk (is that midwest saying or is it just in my family?). She was wobbling, her head was bobbing, and then she grabbed ahold of the street pole. I was sitting there getting almost excited thinking "Oh she's goin' down! She's goin' down folks!" and then, sure enough she did! WHAM! Straight to the ground, out cold.

Me, being the intellectual that I am started yelling "Oh wow! Woman Down! Hey, There's a woman down over there! Hey! Somebody! Lady in a purple top is down! Right there!" Which now let's me know that I answered wrong in the last Facebook quiz I took when it asked how I'd react in an emergency.

Thankfully she had enough sense to fall down less than 50 feet from the first aid station (I know...what are the odds?). So I yelled and pointed a couple more times and finally a couple of the paramedics jumped off their gator and went over to her.

Being a proud fan of any of those police or ambulance type shows, I was a little disappointed that no cameras were there, as I was totally ready for an interview, and to prove that not all people on those shows have no teeth... as I would flash my smile to prove.

The lady came to, and they put her on a cot and wheeled her to the ambulance. Once they had the lights turned on, off they went through the wall-to-wall crowd, which had to be so much fun.

I felt that I helped maybe, sort of, kind of, almost, in a very roundabout, not even close except in my imagination, way, save this womans life and I wanted a way to commemorate it. I knew that taking a picture of this poor lady would be tacky with a capital T, so instead I took a picture of Jay as he was looking at her while bring us back our lemonade.

Now aren't you glad I explained this picture? I bet you thought I was just going to say I took it to show he was being sweet and bringing us lemonade.


Debi said...

What I noticed is that even though there's an emergency going on right in front of him, he remains the ever cool, calm Jay! lol :)

Dena said...

Proof once again, that opposites DO attract. LOL

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

LOL You weren't about to give up that shady spot, or what? ha ha

At least you didn't look the other way. I really think a lot of people would have done just that.

You're a hero! :-)

mom and dad said...

Oh I am so proud of you - helping another in need. Thats my girl!!