Sunday, August 23, 2009

And Then It Was Over

Hard to believe another State Fair has come and gone. At the time of this post, we are just getting ready to head home to see some dogs who will be very excited to see us (a good friend has been caring for them for us).

Since this is the end, I thought I'd finish up with some leftover random photos to share. Some were taken just today, and some are from the past couple of weeks that I found tucked away saved in the wrong file (anyone else ever do that?).

I'm hoping when we get home that I can lighten this picture up on the other computer, because it really is such a cute picture of Chelsea and one of her cousins, other than being too dark.

There was a pig sale towards the end of the fair, and well, you know how it goes with those darn pig can't turn down a good deal. But, Jay had told me before the fair "You know, I don't think I'll buy any pigs this year." I gave him the "Yes dear, I totally believe you" look, knowing full well that he was full of baloney. Sure enough, I was right because we came home with not 1, but 4 pigs. *sigh*

Before having kids who exhibited at the fair, I had been to the state fair once, and on that day we walked down the main concourse (at that time it was mostly a flea market), and we went to the midway and rode the rides. With our kids, we'd walk through the midway, and they would maybe ride one or two rides, but that's it. This year we never even went into the midway area.

This is a shot of Jay and the kids standing in line at the Cattlemans restaurant on the fairgrounds. This is where Jay gets his favorite "Hot Beef Sundae". This place is so popular that there are two long lines that wrap around the outside of the place. Thankfully the line goes really quick, and yes, the food is so good that it's worth the wait!

Ashley is the dare-devil in our family. She loves rollercoasters of all kinds, and nothing seems to faze her. Her cousin wanted to ride in the air force jet simulator (remember the movie Top Gun? It simulates riding in one of those...sort of). Well, Ashley said she'd go. This shot is right after they were done with the ride. Both loved it and laughed so much they both had tears in their eyes!

I came into the camper one day and found Ashley & Chelsea like this. When asked why in the world they were doing that, they replied "We're bored". Well of course.

Well, there you have it. Some insight into the Iowa State Fair. I hope you've enjoyed my little pictorial tour of the fair over the past couple of weeks. Sara, please consider these past photos as my contribution to the previous 2 weeks of Project 365...LOL.

If you ever decide to visit the Iowa State Fair, be sure to hike up heart attack hill and stop by our camper!

For now, I'm going to sit and reflect on the past 2 weeks of family fun and memories, and then we'll finish getting things packed up so we can head home to lots of wet kisses, and I'm looking forward to going to bed early tonight!


Darla said...

i wish i could go to Iowa state fair. that sounds fun, hehe. i love the picture where the girls are 'bored' i used to do that same thing shen i was young, i can't hold myself up anymore. trust me, i tried it a few weeks ago! i didn't ever appreciate being able to do that. looks like a great time.

sara said...

I have so enjoyed going to the fair with you!!!

so are you going to name those pigs?

Kelly said...

I now feel like I've been to the Iowa State Fair. Thanks a bunch. The only thing I missed out on was some of the good food! I do love the unhealthy fair food!