Saturday, August 22, 2009

Saturday - The Last Full Day At The Fair

With today being our last full day of the fair, I thought I'd share some photos I had taken over the past 2 weeks that I hadn't shared yet.

This is a picture of Austin. Even though we are not showing pigs at this fair any longer, both Austin & Jay can be found spending countless hours in the swine barn. I don't get it, but then again, they don't get my purse addiction, so we just love each other and move on. Someone's pig got out of their pen, and in this picture, Austin is helping to round it up again.

There is a spot on the fairgrounds that is extremely popular on hot days. There are several fountains that shoot ups mists of water and you can hear the squeals and laughter from blocks away. The kids love to run and jump through the water and get refreshingly cooled off.

If you look closely, you'll see a person with a stick in the center of this photo. They are waving cars in to allow them to park on their lawn for a fee. There are many, many of these families all around the fairgrounds, and they charge anywhere from $5-$8 per day for you to park there, depending on how close they are to the fairgrounds. The area around the grounds isn't the wealthiest of neighborhoods, and these people work hard to get you to park in their yard. We heard one man tell us, he makes over $1,000 during the fair just letting people park. Hard to pass that up.

By this time in the fair, everyone's getting tired....even the cleaning grew. This poor guy is using a roll of paper towels as a pillow for his catnap.

This is a spot Austin hopes to be hin next year....the FFA tractor judging competition. He bought a tractor last year and is going to start working on it at school. He's really excited about doing one.

The Varied Industries building is the commerial/business exhibits. Everything from car dealers and spas, to cookware and pianos. Anything you could be looking to buy, you can find in here. When my kids were little, they loved coming in here because most of the businesses give away freebies. You just can't have too many free pencils, notepads or magnets.

Well, that does it for another day. I can't believe that tomorrow is already the last day of the fair. WOW. The time seems to have gone so quickly.


Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Looks like fun!

That first picture...well, just exactly how TALL is that boy of yours?? He looks like he's 7 feet tall in that picture! :-)

And I believe I'd let people park in my grass too for a thousand bucks. Wanna come? I've got 2 acres y'all can park in. No fair, but I've got 2 acres!

Dena said...

ha ha! My son will love to read your comment. He is actually only about 5'8" or 5'9". :)

2Thinks said...

The fair is over? What on earth will you do now? It's been fun to see and read about your fair over there. Thanks!