Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday 8/11 At The Fair

We woke up early this morning and sorted out the pigs, who seemed to be as thrilled to be up at 6am as we were. I'm still not sure who grunted more - me or the pigs.

We weighed them at home, to be sure we chose the right pigs, and then we trimmed up some of the long straggly hairs that were on the pigs (sort of like when we ladies have to tweeze those random chin hairs that show up). It helps the pigs look their best and what lady doesn't like that?

When that was finished we loaded them onto the trailer to make the trip to the state fairgrounds swine barn. We bought a wagon to haul our "stuff" (feed, bedding, pig grooming items, chairs, small fridge, table and decorations) because Murphy's law says that which ever entrance you are directed to pull up to, the pens assigned to you will be on the exact opposite end of the building. Loading up a wagon goes much faster than making 20 trips carrying everything by hand.

Today the pigs get weighed in. This is the time when everyone stands holding their breath and crossing their fingers, hoping their pigs have met the minimum weight limit allowed, or not exceeded the maximum weight limit allowed. We've had a few close calls in the past, and I'm told this is going to be another one of those years (so if you think about it, could you keep your fingers crossed for us please? Just until noon. We should be done by then).

After that, lots of fresh soft bedding is put in the pens for the pigs. They are given some food and lots of fresh water and then they are left alone to recover from the stress of the day. (AKA: nap)

The kids in our FFA chapter will decorate our area of the barn. There's a competition among chapters and we have a rivalry with one, where we seem to alternate years on who wins.

Usually you try to stick with the state fair theme, but years like this year make it hard. The theme this year is "It's State Fair Time" (Seriously? That's it? Okkkk) So we went with a luau style decorating plan because what do they serve at luaus? Pork of course. So our theme is "Its State Fair Time and That's A Great Time For A Luau" We even found a picture of a pig in a grass skirt, so we knew it was meant to be. Anyhow, that'll get all set up and then we can relax the rest of the day/evening.

Actually, I'll be up at the camper getting our campsite all set up. We will have to haul everything up "heart attack hill" again this year, which is way up past the clearing spot in between the trees up at the top of that picture. The wagon will definitely come in handy this year!

So anyhow, that's our Tuesday. Come back tomorrow and bring a long a stick. It'll come in handy when I give you the entire list of food items you can find on a stick - only at the Iowa State Fair.


Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Sounds like fun! Man, that dude is HUGE!!! Luau is hilarious for a pig show! Very creative thinking!

2Thinks said...

Your theme is perfect. When you have time, come over to my blog and read about the Luau we had (Riff Raff Review)...we roasted a pig! It was perfect.