Friday, September 11, 2009

The Great Swine Round-Up of 2009

They are aware that we can't speak their language, and despite popular theory, they are smart and use their secret language to their advantage. They devise a plan and go in to great detail being sure they have left nothing out. They are diabolical and precise. They planned and planned until the time was right for the Great Swine Breakout.

Ok, actually the truth is, that a couple of days ago one pig knocked down the fence (probably rubbing up against it scratching an itch). The others followed him through the new open door and woohoo it's a pig party ... all over the acreage!

Jay was eating lunch when the dogs started to bark. That's our sign that someone's pulled in, but this time it was to let us know the pigs were out. I wanted to warn the pigs to get back quickly, because they interrupted Jays soap, and that's never a good idea. He likes knowing what that sneaky ol' Erica is up to.

Some just stood frozen like a statue and stared at us. You could tell it was their first breakout. They really needed a mentor.

Others were more bold. They were obviously the veterans of the group. They knew where the best tasting grass was and they headed straight for it! (good thing they stayed away from the pumpkin plant!)

Then there were those so excited at all the new room they had to run around, that they just ran from here to there and back again...not sure what to do, but they were having fun doing it.

The farm cats were not amusedEspecially when everywhere they looked, there was a pig stalking them (well, to my knowledge, pigs don't really stalk, but as freaked as the cats were, I think THEY thought they were about to become kitty-kabobs).

The dogs watched, whined and barked. Back when we still had our old dog Sammi, she was great for chasing the pigs back to the barn. I tried to explain to Tucker that while he might think he's big and ferocious, in reality.....he could just as easily turn into a puppy-kabob.

While some were being rounded up, others ran around with reckless abandon, determined to enjoy the mayhem.

Or at least until that Farmer Jay guy came along and chased them back home.

The end.


Kelly said...

Poor Jay. Chasing pigs back into a pen doesn't look like an easy job. Hope he didn't miss too much of his soap.

sara said...

lol! life on a farm!

Jenny wren's nest said...

I am so glad we dont have any pigs, when i was a kid our neighbors pig would get out and head straght for our garden, what a mess.

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

HA HA HA "The end." HA HA HA!

This was a really cute post, Dena. I like the "frozen" one that needed a mentor. Too funny!!

2Thinks said...

Don't suppose shaking a pan of grain lures a pig, like it does a horse- right? As if I'd really know, I just saw someone do it at the pre-rodeo show one time in a race to see who could get their horse to the other end of the arena first- for a prize.

The pigs look like they are having fun. The cats look very nervous.

Dena said...

Nope, shaking grain doesn't work for pigs. Just clapping your hands or making noise so they run the opposite direction as you "try" to direct them back to the barn. :)

Becky said...

LOL, look at those trotters. Too cute. What a fun post! Well, not so much for Jay. ;-)