Saturday, September 12, 2009

Project 365 ~ Week 37

Sunday ~ 9/6

We took the jetski out on the lake, and Jay & our girls took turns giving kids rides. I love my zoom lens we bought not too long ago, because I would never have been able to get this shot.

Jay's cousin and her family brought their boat to the lake today too and took us for rides cruising around. What a fun, relaxing day.

Monday ~ 9/7

Jay & Austin were in a golf tournament, while I headed out to watch Chelsea (in blue) and Ashley in the last horse show of the season.

Tuesday ~ 9/8

We went to Austin's first cross country meet of the new school year. As he put it on his Facebook page - 1 down, 10 to go. Can you tell he just loves cross country? LOL

Wednesday ~ 9/9

I have been trying very hard to give up my diet coke, and I'm down to one 8oz can each day. While I would like to give it all up completely, I have to admit that I still want the caffeine, so I'm attempting to switch to coffee. I've tried it black, with Splenda and a couple of other sweeteners, and with different creamers. Today, I bought a new creamer and took this shot to show my apprehension about the taste. It was ok, but it's no diet coke. :)

Thursday ~ 9/10

2nd meet of the season. This was a hard night to run for the kids. It was 80 and no real breeze to help cool them off. Lots of sweaty, red-faced kids came across the finish line.

Friday ~ 9/11

We have been having early morning, low lying fog for the past several days. This was at around 7:30am, and it was almost eerie when driving through the different patches.

Saturday ~ 9/12

Today we went to Ashley's University's first home football game of the year to watch her and the rest of the dance team. They danced during time-outs on the sidelines, and they also did a half-time routine. It was a beautiful day for a game, and we loved getting to see her again. And how about these outfits...are they adorable or what?!?!

That's our week for you! While I miss the casual, relaxed days of Summer vacation, it is nice to get back into a routine again. If only it'd stay around 80 for the next several months....ha!

Be sure to head over to Sara's (through the link in the sidebar) to see more Project 365 pictures.


Esthermay said...

Beautiful horses – and girls!
The horse standing next to Ashley looks so meek and obedient.

You need a good bun coffee maker and Dunkin Donuts® Brand coffee – and use REAL cream (the kind you buy to whip...)
ohhhhh…. I’m getting’ “high” just thinking about it…
BEst of Luck to you on the coffee/diet coke issue.

Great shot of the fog!

Yes.. I like the outfits too.

sara said...

I am with Esthermay....a bunn coffee maker makes the difference!!! And I also love Dunkin donuts coffee, however I have that folders has a new columbian coffee out that I like...and it's cheaper!!

Looks like a very busy but great week!

LuAnn said...

I love your pictures. Great ones of the girls and their horses. How did they do?

I have been drinking coffee since I was 5. My Grandma started me on it. I drink it black but love the flavored coffees.

I am always impressed with CC runners. The distance is too much for me to even imagine. Good for Austin !!!

Kim said...

Great photos! Your girls look so impressive with their horses. And yes, Ashley is adorable in that last outfit :-) Poor Austin, running in that heat. Absolutely LOVE that shot of you trying the new coffee flavoring. Oh my word! :-) Your early morning photo almost looks like a dust storm. Definitely kinda creepy.

beckyjomama said...

WOW! You are a busy one!!

It's too bad I can't make a skinny vanilla latte on ice at home like they make at Starbucks ... I could give up diet Coke if I could drink that every day!

rita said...

Beautiful family and photos!
Love your quizzical-coffee shot ;)
I grew to love coffee. Never could get used to the after taste of diet drinks. The problem with them is that a person becomes accustomed to a higher level of sweetness and then develops a need for it. My opinion, FWIW ;)
Don't know how you keep up with your active family!!! YOU NEED EXPRESSO! LOL