Sunday, September 06, 2009

Project 365 ~ Week 36

Sunday - 8/30

A very early morning sunrise. So beautiful. This picture doesn't even come close to expressing how gorgeous it was.

Monday - 8/31

I stopped by Chelsea's apartment today and I got to see Oliver for the first time since before we went to the State Fair. He has grown so much from when we were first bottle feeding him, and he is one cute, but ornery little kitten! LOL

Tuesday - 9/1

I met Ashley at her dorm to drop off a few things to her and she was getting ready to head out and do a couple of errands, so I went along. One of her stops was at the grocery store and it cracked me up as she proceeded to educated me on the bad things to read on a label. "Mom, did you know that trans fat is bad for you?" or "Mom, look at all the grams of sugar in this!" I asked her "Are you taking some kind of nutrition class?" She smiled and asked "How'd you know?"

Wednesday - 9/2

Remember the movie "Twister"? Part of it was filmed right here in Iowa about 30 minutes from where we live. Today I happened to drive on the hill that was the location of one of the twisters in the movie. Remember the scene where a tornado dropped back down on Bill and Jo and knocked over their DOT machine and the hail storm they had? Yep...filmed right here across the bridge!

Thursday - 9/3

Chelsea came home to ride her horse, and Jay's mom stopped over. Come to find out, she had never been on a horse before, and since there is no time like the present....up she went!

Friday - 9/4

We had an animal Chiropractor over today to work on the horses. Both are normally very sweet, mild mannered, and nothing bothers them. Lately, however, Max (not the one shown) had been throwing his head around and just not acting right, and he didn't want anyone touching him...which is very abnormal for him. The Chiropractor found the problems on both horses, and when they were put back in their pens, Max was bucking and running around. You could just tell he felt better. :)

On Friday evening we went to the first home football game of the season and watched Austin play in the marching band.

Saturday - 9/5

We are camping with some relatives and friends, and the kids took advantage of the beautiful weather to ride the jetski. This shot shows Austin & 2 of his cousins. Earlier this past Summer, Austin got burned so bad on his shoulders riding the jetski that he had blisters...even with a high SPF sunscreen on, so now he always wears a t-shirt. That's the price he pays for getting stuck with really fair skin like his mom has. :)

I hope your all having a great holiday weekend! Be sure to head over to Sara's to check out all the Project 365 pics!


Abiding Branch said...

The sunset was gorgeous! I have been on a sunset posting kick tonight!! Hmm, perhaps we should watch the sky and see more!!!

Your horse is beautiful! I have missed so much not having posted pics this summer. I was actually too busy.

Yours are great!!!

sara said...

that sunrise is beautiful....when seeing that, I always wonder how anyone can not believe in God.

So funny about your daughter....mine has done that too!!

Of course, I love the band photo!!!

we are having a nice quiet weekend....and loving it!

Kim said...

I've never even heard of an animal chiropractor! Muy interesante!

It's hard to capture the complete beauty of sunrises or sunsets. A mere camera just isn't up to the task :-) But your photo is gorgeous - love the bands of color on the sun.

Oliver is a cutie! I'm sure he keeps Chelsea amused and entertained.

Those band uniforms look hot; hope the day was cool so they weren't sweltering in them!

rita said...

So many neat glimpses into your lives.
We used to have horses, too.

skoots1mom said...

i'd like to watch a horse chiropractor...that's amazing

i have to go to a chiro and I know how wonderful he makes me feel once i'm adjusted

great pics

Abiding Branch said...

I know I have already commented on the pics but I have to tell you something funny. My kids are a part of the First Tee Program and we all went to tour the Nike research and development center here in Fort Worth then to eat before we played golf. We ate a Cici's Pizza and it was the funniest thing, while I was getting my food in the line and the manager was singing Green Acres!! I sand it all-day-long!! So since I am fairly new to your site, I have visited here and there and started to follow you as well, why did you pick the title? :)

SusanD said...

Gorgeous sunrise. Love it! Great lookin horse. I miss marching band and competitions. Blessings, SusanD

Kelly said...

As always, another great week of pictures.