Saturday, September 19, 2009

Project 365 ~ Week 38

This was a "wierd" kind of week. There seemed to be lots going on so we were in a "go-go-go" mode, yet nothing much that was picture worthy, well, except for Friday :) . So I'm sorry, but I don't really have the most exciting pictures this week.

Sunday - 9/13

Here I am doing my absolute favorite Sunday activity - laying on the couch watching NFL football. I love football, and love watching it with a "cushy" pillow, soft fleece blanket, and one of the dogs snuggling with me.

The Vikings won! Woot! Woot!

Monday - 9/14

I went online and booked our hotel reservation for next week when we go to Rochester. we'll be getting there probably around 9pm, and my appt at the clinic is 6:30am the next morning. The nice part about staying where we are, is that it's attached to the Mayo clinic, so even if it's raining, we won't have to go outside. Bonus!
***update, my appt had to be canceled (not by choice), so that meant we had to cancel the room as well. :(

Tuesday - 9/15

As I blogged about recently, Sugarland is my favorite country singing group, and they are coming to a town only 30 min from me. I got tickets right away, and have been beyond excited (just ask Jay)! But as the date has drawn closer, I have had to admit to myself that with my health the way it currently is, there is no way I can go to the concert. It would involve much more walking and standing than my body can handle at this point. Austin really isn't a big fan of theirs, but had said he wouldn't mind going with Ashley, Chelsea and me, but when he found out I wasn't going, he backed out as well. I told the girls what was going on, and both felt really bad for me (they were so sweet). They now will each take one friend along to the concert instead, and today I met Chelsea and gave her all 4 tickets. I really am bummed. :-(

*update - I have the sweetest daughters in the world! They had someone take their picture while at the concert and sent it to me with the message "We wish you were here!" and they called me during my favorite song so I could hear it.

Wednesday - 9/16

We watched the finale of "America's Got Talent" tonight. Good thing Biggest Loser is back on or I'm not sure what we'd watch now...well, besides football. :)

Thursday - 9/17

It was such a beautiful day out, and I know we don't have that many left, so the dogs and I went for a walk.

Friday - 9/18

Homecoming Day. This was the first year Austin had a date for the dance. He looked so nice all dressed up, and his date looked beautiful! She is such a sweet girl who lives on a farm and shows horses & pigs and is on the cross-country & golf teams with Austin. We really like her and her family, & were very happy with his decision to ask her.

Saturday - 9/20

We took the jet ski out today, and I'm pretty sure it'll be the last time of the season. It has still been about 80 degrees every day, so we have to take advantage of this beautiful weather while we can!

So that was our week. As I said, it was nothing too exciting, but still a good week with gorgeous weather. Head on over to Sara's through the link in the sidebar to see more Project 365 photos.


sara said...

I'm not a big football fan, but I am a fan of lying on the sofa on Sunday!

so sorry you didn't get to go to the concert. I know you were disappointed. but you do have some very sweet girls!

We haven't had homecoming yet. great picture!

I so want a jet ski!!!

Kelly said...

Nothing wrong with football pictures and homecoming pictures. I enjoyed them as I do every week.

Kim said...

I'm so sorry you missed your favorite band. But how sweet of the girls to call so you could hear your favorite song!

Hope the appt. gets re-scheduled soon. They're great at Mayo. We had to go years ago (almost 30) and everyone who worked there, from the cleaning people to the doctors, were extremely nice and helpful. Must be that good old Midwestern kindness :-)

This is the second photo of Austin smiling -- what is the world coming to?! LOL He does look awfully handsome and his date is adorable.

I found out this week that there's a knock-off show here called "Argentina's Got Talent" (in Spanish of course) and we know someone who knows someone who is on this week :-) I've never seen either so cannot speak intelligently on the subject. But it sounds like fun.

Hope you have a great week!

Dena said...

You're right...another picture of Austin smiling. Although what you don't see is the 257 other pictures I took trying to get that one shot. LOL Actually he was very happy that night, and shots of him smiling were pretty easy. I think he's kind of "smitten" with this girl. It's really sweet.

SusanD said...

I'm a huge football fan too. So sorry you weren't able to see Sugarland but it was super sweet of those girls to call you when they played your fav song. Blessings, SusanD

Edie said...

Your pictures are more exciting than mine were.

How sweet of your daughters to think of you and try to share some of the concert with you. How disappointing not to be able to go.

Your son and his date look great.

I love the walk with the dogs.

Rich blessings!

Edie said...

Oh, I also meant to give you a link to the easy sugar cookies if you want it. We dipped them in sprinkles before baking, but you can frost them or eat them as is. They are very good.

Have a great week!

Lisa said...

That's where I am every Sunday,too, although instead of a dog its usually a squirmy child. :)

Austin and his date make a nice looking couple. Must be fun and scary when they start to date.

Beautiful picture in your header.

Darla said...

i love that picture of your son with his homecoming date! what do you mean 'nothing exciting this week'... that is pretty exciting to go to homecoming with a beautiful girl!!! :D haha. they both look very nice!