Monday, September 21, 2009

You Gotta Be Quick

If you want to get a picture of your teen...or at least I do.

I've been joining in Sara @ Make Music From Your Heart's Project 365, which involves taking at least one picture a day for a whole year. I've really enjoyed this project, but as the year has gone on my family has gotten more and more wise to what I'm up to. They can sense the camera before they even see it, and they are getting more and more determined to NOT let me take their picture.

It can be very frustrating. So, I've had to try to learn to be sneaky.

I'm not very good at being sneaky.

For example, this past week Austin had a doctor appointment with his asthma specialist. I politely asked him if I could take a picture of him in the exam room before the doctor came in. I reminded him that I did go through several hours of labor to help bring him into this world and it was the least he could do to show his gratitude.

He reminded me that I've used that line enough times that he pretty much feels he's shown plenty of gratitude already. I need to come up with a new line.

The first picture I tried to take was met with a hand up in front. Boy is that kid quick.

So the 2nd picture I tried to take, I tried to be sneaky about. I was sitting in the chair, with my phone about waist high. I waited until he was reading something on the wall and did a quick snap. My aim was obviously a little off.

I said "Ok, let's compromise here. I want a picture for the 365 project. You know that, and I know that. So let me get one picture and I'll be done. I promise."

This is what he let me take a picture of.....

I really need to work on my sneakiness.


sara said...

that is so funny!! I find that my kids prefer to help me find my pictures rather than be in them, which works too!

SusanD said...

hahahaha. I'm having trouble getting pics of the grand-boy these days. He's tired of the camera too. Blessings, SusanD

Kelly said...

I know what you mean and I don't even do it every day!