Saturday, September 26, 2009

Project 365 ~ Week 39

Sunday ~ 9/20

Jay and Austin were in a golf tournament all day, so I spent the day relaxing. It was a beautiful day with a gorgeous breeze, so I sat out in the sunroom to watch football. Gabby likes to be wherever I am, and yet, she always like to be able to keep an eye out for any action she might miss, so the top step that leads down to the sunroom is the perfect place for her. She laid there all afternoon soaking up the breeze and watching the farm cats and kittens chasing each other around. She just has a sense of contentment and peace about her in this picture and I love that.

Monday ~ 9/21

Not as nice of a day as yesterday was that's for sure. I was driving out of a rain storm to get to the store. As you can see by looking in the rear view mirror, it was a lot darker behind us.

Tuesday~ 9/22

I was giving the dogs baths and I think Tucker was trying to hide, or perhaps he was trying to take a peek to see if it was safe to come out of hiding yet.

Wednesday ~ 9/23

I took down all the Summer decorations in the guest bathroom and put up the Autumn decorations. Go HERE to see pics of the whole room.

Thursday ~ 9/24

Another cross country meet for Austin. It was very humid tonight and that is so hard on his lungs. His chest hurt pretty bad by the time he was done and he didn't feel very well. I'm just so proud of him that he never quits. He knows he has to slow down, and he knows he'll never be able to go as fast as he'd like to go, but he does his best, he doesn't complain, and he has fun with it and focuses on his personal time, not the race time.

Friday ~ 9/25

Jay decided it was time to clean out the garage. We know the weather will be getting nasty sooner than we'd like, and he wanted to be sure we alaways have plenty room to park the vehicles inside. ***You know you have a lot of junk that's been acquired when you need a loader bucket on the front of a tractor to carry it all away.

Saturday ~ 9/26

Our mysterious, spontaneous pumpkin plant keeps growing and producing pumpkins. I'm not even kidding when I say we have gotten no less than a dozen pumpkins off this one plant. And there are at least 5 or 6 more pumpkins that are still growing. There could even be more that I can't see. Craziness!

I'm posting this early , but will be linking up late this week, as I will be away with my mother and sisters on an overnight trip, which I'll blog about later. Then on Monday, Jay and I will be making a trip to Iowa City to a specialty clinic there to see an Endocrinologist. I'm not sure if it's just a one day trip, or what's all going to go on. Guess we'll find out when we get there.

I'm planning to take the lap top along, so I'll update as time allows.

Have a good weekend!


sara said...

love the pictures of your dogs. they are so cute!

the tractor cracked me up!!! That's what I needed when we attempted to clean out my Aunt's garage!!!

what are you doing with all those mystery pumpkins?

Hope you are having a fantastic time with your mom and sisters!

Lisa said...

Yeah, its amazing how quickly we fill up spaces like garages and basements...crazy!

That is a crazy pumpkin plant. At least you have some decorations for fall. Do you bake with them too?

Hope all goes well at the dr. It will at least be nice to get some answers.

Kim said...

I've never changed the decorations in my bath -- what a good idea! Actually I have no decorations in my bath at all. There's nowhere to put them! LOL

Your dogs are so photogenic! Cute as can be :-) That front loader pic just cracked me up! Any excuse for a man to play with his "toys"/ LOL

Have a great week - hope the trip to Iowa City goes well.

Edie said...

The dogs are adorable. My Tobi tries to hide when it's bath time too.

Hey can I borrow that tractor? LOL!

A pumpkin plant that just appeared bearing fruit? That is cool. I guess you'll be making lots of pumpkin eats. :)

rita said...

Love the photo of Gabby!
I won a door prize at the Race/Walk and chose a pumpkin. So much you can do with even one. Have fun!
Praying for answers for you and a great time with mom and sisters.