Friday, September 25, 2009

All The Leaves are Falling....

Ok, not really. We still have quite a bit of green left in our leaves and not many are falling yet.

Still, it's time for the quarterly re-decorating of the guest bathroom in our house, so as to keep coordinated with the current season.

Down went the flip-flops and pastel colors. They are now safely tucked away in a rubbermaid container until next Summer.

Out came the shower curtain that I'm not really feeling this year. I may have to be on the lookout for a good sale on show curtains soon. Not sure I can handle this one until Christmas time.

The brown bath mat/rug can definitely stay. I love this rug. It is so soft and squishy and it feels great when you step out of the shower on to it.

Next we have the yummy cinnamon scented candle on the stool lid. The candle lid is vented, so you get a gentle whiff of cinnamon anytime you walk into the bathroom. Very B&B like. The cone on the sink is not one of those safety cones used in road construction that we stole from the roadside. It's actually a bunch of little tiny pumpkins all glued together to make a tower. I'm sorry, but how bad does your day have to be knowing when you go to work you will do nothing but build towers out of tiny pumpkins that you have glued together all day long. Perhaps even forced into doing some over-time because people like me keep the demand high. wow...I'm so sorry.

Moving on.....

Over here where you see the Happy Harvest sign, it is not hanging on an old wooden shutter door or anything like that. It's actually hanging on the corner of a mirror, which is reflecting the cupboard across the way. Tricky. Tricky. I do like the wreath...very colorful.

Last but not least, the block wall. I filled the blocks the same way I did last year, which was with silk leaves in autumn colors and artificial pumpkins.

I have leaves scattered around in the bathroom to keep the festive Oktoberfest mood alive....minus a keg of beer in the corner. Although Austin did try to talk me into having a keg of rootbeer in the corner. I was told that would "rock", but that idea got vetoed by the CEO of the

There you have it. Our Autumn bathroom. I hope you enjoyed the tour, and the next time your on our gravel road, the first thing you need to admit is that you're probably very very lost. The 2nd thing you need to do is to stop by and we'll give you the formal tour .


mom and dad said...

looks great-anxious to stop in and get a tour....

Joyce said...

You need to come help me with my house!!!!

Darla said...

how fun to redecorate each season! good idea! i may want to try that. it looks great.