Friday, October 02, 2009

Here's our pumpkins. Well, some of them anyhow. Ashley & Chelsea have each taken 2 to their dorms, and we have good friends who have 3 young children and they each got one. I know we have given others away as well, but as you can see, we still have plenty left, plus 4 or 5 still on the vine.

While they are festive for decorating, I would actually like to attempt some baking with them.

For this reason I am asking people to please share your favorite pumpkin recipe. It can be for cake, bars, cookies, bread, etc. Just not pie! I do not make pies. My "aunt" Sara Lee makes the pies around here. ha.

Please keep in mind that I am the cooking opposite of Martha Stewart, Rachel Ray and Julia Childs. In other words, I sometimes struggle with boiling water properly. What I'm saying is, please share recipes that are so easy a child could make them. I still struggle with those, but am getting better.

I look forward to trying all the yummy recipes!!!

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Jenny wren's nest said...

Great pumpkin dessert: ta all is easy and sooo good.