Sunday, October 04, 2009

Project 365 ~ Week 40

I'm late posting this week's photo's but I came down with a nasty stomach flu on Friday and was in bed pretty much all of Saturday. Thankfully, it's over now, but I feel like I went 5 rounds with a kick boxer. ha

Sunday - 9/8

I spent a couple of days with my mom and sisters and we had a great time! We ended our time together by going out for lunch before we all headed in different directions to go home, and I took this picture outside the restaurant. From the left is my sister Debi, my sister Theresa, my mom Sandi & my sister-in-law Melissa. Oh...and the scarecrow was named Ralph. :)

Monday - 9/29

We made the 3 hr drive to University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, in Iowa City today to meet with a specialist. You can read about the appointment here if you wish.

Thankfully we were able to make it back from the appointment in time to go to Austin's XC meet. He ended up beating his personal best time, so I was thrilled we got to be there to share in his excitement.

Tuesday - 9/30

I was super glad to have a day at home after being gone for most of the past 3 days. I made blueberry muffins for breakfast....

and then after Austin left for school and Jay left for work, I threw together a roast and potatoes and seasonings in the crockpot for supper. Then I threw a can of coke over the top of it, which makes if fall-off-the-fork tender. Austin even said "Great, now I'm going to be hungry all day just thinking of all this food while I'm at school." :)

Wednesday - 10/1

One of my favorite snacks: Celery & peanut butter

Thursday - 10/2

We had storms come through during the night, which meant I was up with Ringo for several hours. The poor dog, he takes "doggie Valium" and still I worry he's going to have a heart attack during storms. He drools and shakes so badly. Anyhow, the rain and storms continued throughout the day. This was taken looking out through the front window. It was raining so hard that the rain was running down in sheets on the glass.

Friday - 10/3

Chelsea left for Illinois this afternoon for a horse show. She is a member of a horse club at her University and they attend shows around the Midwest. It's done like bull-riding is where you don't bring your own horse. Instead, you are given a horse to ride (based on your experience and ability) right before you go into the show ring. She is very excited & nervous all at the same time. She called me in a panic this morning because she forgot her riding helmet she needs for English riding at home, so I dropped it off at her apartment since I had to run an errand near there anyhow.

I called her when I got close and said since it was raining and I can't move very well right now, I'd just let her come out and get the helmet. She came running out, hopped in the Vue and said "I have a surprise for you" and she unzipped her jacket. There was my old office cat Curi. She said she knew how much I've been missing seeing her everyday, so she thought she'd surprise me by bringing her out. So sweet!!

Saturday - 10/4

We were supposed to another football game at Ashley's University to watch her dance, because it was Homecoming there, but as I said up top, I was in bed with the flu. Taking pictures wasn't obviously a priority for me, so I figured I'd not have one for this day. However, Jay took a picture with his phone and sent it to my phone because he knew I'd like it (he know me so well), and he was right. Tucker loves to play tug-of-war with anything, but his favorite was dish towels that he'd pull off the oven handle. I took care of that buy buying him his own towel, and he loves that thing. He drags it everywhere and loves to lay with it...which is what this picture Jay took shows him doing. Silly dog.

There's our pictures for you. Hope you enjoyed them. Head over to Sara's to enjoy even more!


Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

How fun! It was great to hear from you again, too!

I hope you're feeling better now! Flu is yucky enough, but the STOMACH flu? Ugh...

That scarecrow looks like he's had one too many. I'm just sayin.

Those blueberry muffins look like something that I could have one too many of...YUM.ME!

And is that a bag in your crock pot?! If so, I've never seen that before! INTeresting...

Cute cat...beautiful daughter!

And I love when an animal appreciates a gift. :-)

Have a great week!

Kelly said...

Hope you're over your stomach bug. Enjoyed your pictures as I always do.

Dena said...

Chel, the bag is a slow cooker liner. You buy them anywhere you get baggies. They are so great. They make clean-up a breeze!

Darla said...

i love how she brought the cat out to see you in the pouring rain! how sweet. great photos this week, hope you are feeling better!