Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I Could Use This

See this picture? How handy of an invention is that? And it's one I could be needing after yesterday.

I went to Wally World yesterday and I was excited when I scanned the check out lanes when I saw one that had just become free. I walked as quickly as I could and put my paper towels, dish soap and the few other items I had in my cart up on the belt.

The checkout clerk, I'll call her "Nary", appeared to be in her 50's. She smiled and said hello, and I returned the smile and greeting.

And then it happened.... Nary coughed. And it wasn't a cough that said she had a tickle in her throat. It was the kind of cough that said she was coughing up a lung. I froze as I noticed that Nary didn't even cover her mouth!

Seriously Nary? You are old enough to know better.

Then she coughed again...and again. I kid you not, Nary coughed no less than a dozen times while I was in her lane and never once did she cover her mouth. And they were nasty, deep, gross sounding coughs.

I kept looking away from her as much as possible...but what do you do? I wanted to thump her upside the head and say "Uh, hello--unless that's a hairball you're coughing up, PLEASE cover your mouth." But just couldn't do it.

A week ago I lost my debit card, so I'm having to write checks again while waiting for the new one that's been issued. Nary said she needed to see my license.

Oh my goodness...she is going to touch something of mine. I felt I was going in slow motion as I took my license out of my wallet and slid it across the counter to her. She grabbed it in her hands, swiped it and handed it back to me. I actually hesitated picking it up, but decided leaving it there wouldn't be a good idea either.

Then I had a good thought...since she never covered her mouth when coughing, maybe her hands are a germ free part on her. I can dream anyhow. :)

As I walked away to leave the store, I shuddered as I heard Nary sneeze twice.

So, the way I figure it, I most likely will end up with either H1N1, or TB.....or a really nasty hairball - whichever is the most contagious.


Jenny wren's nest said...

Yikes, I can relate.

Kelly said...


Darla said...

whoa, that is terrible. i'll bet you came home and washed your hands or used a bunch of germ killer huh? uh, i hate when sick people are working in public places...STAY HOME people!