Saturday, October 10, 2009

Project 365 ~ Week 41

Sunday - 10/4

Today I took a picture while on the one mile long gravel road that leads to our farm. That's our house on the right, and "big red", our barn to the left of that.

- 10/5
Jay and Austin were busy winterizing the camper and jetski, and they just wanted to order a pizza for supper. I had a healthier french bread pizza instead. It was a brand I had never tried before, and while it was ok, it's wasn't great and full of flavor. I think I will "doctor it up" with some spices if I make this kind again.

Tuesday - 10/6

Austin had a cross country meet today and this was definitely part of my outfit for today: ear warmers & gloves. With the wind chills, it was close to 40 degrees when he ran. Oh my goodness it was so cold and windy! It makes me nervous when the weather gets this cold this early. I sure hope this isn't a sign of a long cold winter ahead.

Wednesday - 10/7

I had some friends send me a package with a couple of silly little items to help cheer me up from the stress I've had dealing with my health issues. The first is a counter top robot vacuum for cleaning up crumbs, and the 2nd is a voodoo doll to get back at the rude doctors I've had to deal with. It has funny little sayings all over. They did the trick in cheering me and give me a good laugh each time I look at them.

Thursday - 10/8

Another cold cross country meet. I spent the time sitting in the Vue until it was about time for his race. As soon as he was done...back to the Vue I went. bbbrrrr! Before each race, the team gathers together for a pep talk. They all take turns getting everyone fired up and then they do this little chant: "What makes the grass grow? Kill! Kill! Kill!" I have no clue what it means, and Austin has no clue what it means. It's just something the guys teams have done since before Ashley started with the team over 7 yrs ago. I have a feeling there originally was a lot more too it, and it's morphed, evolved and been shortened to just this. *shaking my head - can anyone explain teenage boys to me? LOL*

Friday - 10/9
Austin brought home his school pictures today. The green shirt he chose to wear was his favorite golf shirt to wear this past Summer, and I really like the color on him.

Saturday - 10/10

Ever since Ashley started joined the cross country team in junior high several years ago, I have brought Halloween goodie bags for all the kids to the last meet of the season. The last meet for this year is this coming Thursday, so today I ran to Wal-Mart and bought all candies and silly little toys (funny glasses, plastic spider rings, etc) and the baggies, and this afternoon I spread everything out on the kitchen island and assembled 60 goodie bags. The kids are always so excited and appreciative, so I enjoy doing it....but oy, 60 bags takes a while.

Hope you all had a good week like we did. Head on over to Sara's to check out more project 365 photos!


sara said...

wow, I didn't realize how "far out" you lived!!

It turned cold here today...I think I complained all day about it.

love the gifts!!! how fun is that?!

great week.

Kelly said...

Love your farmhouse. Your weekly pictures make my Sunday mornings. I'd love to visit you and Iowa one day! We're still baking in the
'80s here, but with rain. Ugh.

Lisa said...

One mile gravel road? Wow. That must not always be the most fun. Its getting cold here, too. So very sad that its so soon.

Darla said...

how nice of you to give goody bags and 60? wow! that is also a great school picture of your son. green looks good on him. it looks like it would be peaceful to live out so far away from everyone, is it?

Kim said...

Brrrr, 40 degrees! As we head into spring and summer, it's getting downright hot here. Nights are still pretty cool (but nowhere near 40!).

Love the cute gifts your friends sent you :-)

Great idea with the gift bags. A lot of work, but great reward with such appreciation, right? :-)

Have a wonderful week!

rita said...

You amaze me as a mother, encourager, positive person!
Imagine taking on the whole CC team with treats! You have a great family and good friends.
I always enjoy your blog.
I'd love to meet you sometime, you are such a dear. I wonder if you are anywhere on our route to Idaho next week?