Saturday, October 31, 2009

Project 365 ~ Week 44

This was a long week. It was frustrating due to the rain, because the guys weren't able to be in the fields much. It was depressing because we rarely saw the sun. And, it was boring because we're inbetween sports and other activities, so we had nowhere to go. So, all in's a good week to have behind us!

Sunday - 10/25

Today was a rare, but beautiful Autumn day. There was just enough sunshine to break through the clouds and it really looked pretty shining on the colorful trees.

Monday - 10/26

This is a normal position for Jay...right arm up holding his phone in place. I am not even kidding when I tell you that he uses more minutes than the rest of us combined. Him and I are total opposites in this way. He is on the phone constantly and I am not on my phone much at all. :)

Tuesday - 10/27

This is Austin with Molly. She is our rescue dog who spent her first 6 1/2 yrs in a tiny cage at a puppy mill. She growled and barked at Austin for the longest time and was terrified of him, which makes us assume the owner of the mill was probably a young man, and someone who wasn't very nice to her. In the past few months Molly has warmed up to Austin and lately she has let him pet her and her tail is wagging while he does. It's so sweet to see. Today Molly actually jumped up beside him and laid against him so he could pet her. She stayed there for the longest time! This is the reason I love adopting rescue dogs...huge accomplishments like this make my heart full of warm fuzzies. :) (please ignore Austin's mess...must have been a rough day at school, because he threw layers off as he sat down...ha!)

Wednesday - 10/28

Speaking of warm fuzzies....this is actually a picture Chelsea took and sent to me. It's of Curi (my office cat that now lives with her) and Oliver, the baby kitty she bottle fed. Not only do they get along now, but according to Chelsea, they are inseperable!

Thursday - 10/29

Yet another day of rain, rain and more rain. We received close to 3" in a 24 hour period. Craziness! I have never seen water standing in our yard like this before and we've lived here over 20 years. Looks like it's still going to be a while before the guys get to do any field work. They are currently about 3 weeks behind...they must get the crops out (including the corn you see in the first picture))! Hopefully this will be the end of the rain for a while, because we need sunshine to dry things out!

Friday - 10/30

There was a Halloween dance at the high school and one hour before it started, Austin got a call and said "Yep, I'm going. See ya there." He hadn't planned to go, but the girl he took to the Homecoming dance is who called (so thaaaaaat's what changed his mind). You were supposed to wear a costume, so he grabbed his cowboy hat and belt buckle and went as a Country singer. He was not amused when I said I wanted to take a picture, but I can be persuasive too...I said his options were to let me take one here, or I'd follow him to the school and get some of him and his friends. Score one for mom!

Saturday - 10/31

We had a brief period where we saw a little bit of sun and the dogs ran out in the back yard for the longest time, enjoying the fresh air after being cooped up most days due to rain. While Ringo stayed out on the deck, the 3 little ones came in and took a nap. Just like a toddler...fresh air will wear them out!

Hopefully I'll have more exciting pictures for next week...but then again who knows what could happen. haha!

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Darla said...

i just finished asking my son if i could take a picture of him in his costume he wore to the school dance tonite...he refused! lol. they are funny about pictures arent't they? i love how he hid his eyes, it's exactly what my son would have done. my son went as a rock singer. hehe.

sara said...

I am with you on the rain!! We finally got some sunshine over the weekend...but the farms here are having a hard time too. the news said we have had over 70 inches so far this year....yikes!

I think I use the most minutes in my is a toss up between me and my middle son!

great week!

rita said...

I enjoyed all your photos, especially the cat pic, the autumn scene, the corn field.
It didn't look like a bad week, but sure hope this one is better, especially weather-wise for the harvesters.
We're still waiting to get out of here and get back home--car problems :(