Monday, November 02, 2009


Have you heard of this? Am I the only person in the world who had NOT heard of it?

Yesterday both Ashley & Chelsea came home for our annual viewing of the movie "Hocus Pocus", which is basically a spoof on Halloween and story of witches. We have watched it a million times and can almost say it word for word. We all start giggling before a funny part comes and of course there are classic lines that we all have to say together. It is so much fun, and I loved that they both readily agreed they wanted the tradition to continue.

Ok, back to Skype....

After the movie was over Ashley asked if she could use my laptop so she could talk to her boyfriend who is a marine. He is currently in the Phillipines and she said she talks to him as often as he is able to, and he was free for a short time yesterday.

I thought she meant she was going to instant message/chat with him, and she stated that she couldn't believe I didn't have Skype on my computer yet.

I honestly thought Skype was some kind of virus protector, so I smugly stated that I already have 3 different ones on here

He wasn't on, and when she checked her email she saw he actually wasn't going to be available now for another hour, so my girls decided to introduce me to the wonder of Skype.

Within seconds we were actually talking and seeing "Anna" our exchange student from Spain that I haven't seen in over a year. I had her and my girls in stitches as I just kept saying "Oh wow! That's Anna! Anna it's you...on my computer!" It is close to her birthday, so we sang Happy Birthday to her and the next thing we knew her entire family was crowded around the screen so we could see them as well and say hello. Then they sang the Spanish version of Happy Birthday so we could hear it.

It was one of the most fun 30 min periods I have had in a while...and best of all...Skype is FREE! Yes, free!

I was talking to my girls after we ended our conversation with Anna, about how much things have changed in a relatively short period of time. I went to summer college classes in Colorado less than a month after graduating high school. I was 17 and on my own for the first time. I remember getting so homesick, because I missed talking to my family and my friends every day.

Ashley asked why I didn't just call them. Remember having 1 phone in the hallway of the dorm and everyone had to wait till it was free to use it? I made a call every Sunday evening and that was it. Yes we sent letters, but they were too few and far inbetween.

Today, cell phones make it possible for you to talk to or text people whenever you want. And with Skype, the world is getting smaller and smaller. Fun times.

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