Saturday, November 21, 2009

Project 365 ~ Week 47

Here we are at week 47! Our downtime is over, now that the basketball season has begun. Austin plays, Jay coaches, and Ashley dances at her college games. We can (and sometimes do) go to a game every day of the week! But, since there really isn't much else to do during the winter (unless you want to be outside freezing - which I don't), sitting in a gym works for us.

Sunday - 11/15

This evening we had the Cross Country team end of the season banquet. There was a potluck meal first, and then awards, certificates and senior gifts were passed out.

Monday - 11/16

This was a very familiar site in our area. Finally, good weather for harvesting! Praise God! After this field behind our acreage is completed, there is only one field left. We are praying the weather continues to cooperate!

Tuesday - 11/17

This evening I went to the junior high vocal and band concert at our school auditorium. Our niece and nephew were performing with their grades.

This shows a close up of our nephew Jacob (striped shirt in the middle of the photo) and our niece, Jenna, behind Jacob's right shoulder. This was during the jazz band portion of the concert.

Wednesday - 11/18

Halleluia! Today was a great day! Harvesting the crops was completed today!! Each harvest season, my Dad comes up to help. This photo shows him out behind our acreage chopping the corn stalks. Thanks Dad!

Thursday - 11/19

High school basketball practice started this week. Austin is on the jv team and Jay is the 9th graders coach. Today the head varsity coach opened up practice so parents could come watch and see what they are doing at practice each day (I was exhausted just watching!). Afterwards a parents meeting was held.

This first picture shows Austin running one of the drills.

This shows Jay and Austin listening to the head coach explain a new drill.

Friday - 11/20

Jay took Austin shopping this evening for his first shotgun. Austin has wanted to try hunting, and since he has taken the hunters safety course, off they went to the sporting goods store. He is super excited...even though you can't tell by his expression. LOL

Saturday - 11/21

Jay and I went out for supper and then decided to go to a movie. I really wanted to see Blind Side, but Austin and his girlfriend went to it, and I knew they would probably prefer to not have us there. We ended up seeing "Couples Retreat" instead. It was ok - parts were cute, funny, serious, entertaining, but then there were parts that just seemed unnecessary.

So that's our week! I am excited to know my girls will be home next week, and we'll put our Christmas tree and other decorations up before they return to college at the end of the weekend. I can't wait!! Head on over to Sara's to check out all the other great Project 365 photos.


Darla said...

wow, you are as busy as we are...there is always something going on! great week, i am glad you all could harvest, that is a blessing.

sara said...

sounds like a busy week!!!

so glad you were able to get the harvesting done! Nov cooperated nicely for all the farmers here!

see, now you are such a nice mom!!! I would have jumped at the chance to go to the same theatre as my son!! ha!

happy thanksgiving!

Kim said...

Yay for the end of harvest! :-) Had to laugh at your comment about not having much to do in the winter so sitting in a warm gym suited you just fine. Question: As a veteran sports mom, do you have certain items you always take to games? I.e., a cushion of some sort to soften those hard bleachers?!

Have a great week!