Monday, December 21, 2009

Austin's Concert

We went to Austin's Winter school concert this past Friday. I had planned to post a couple of pictures before now, but my darn computer wasn't wanting to cooperate and I couldn't get the pictures off my camera. gggrrr!

Anyhow, here they are now:

I have no idea what (or who) Austin was looking at in-between songs, but I got lucky and snapped him smiling in our direction. The tie he is wearing is his basketball tie. When the team has an away game, the coach wants them to look nice and give a good impression, so they all must wear dress pants and ties. Coaches dress the same way...including the ties. Personally, I think the ties are looks like a barbershop pole. LOL But, Austin likes it and was determined to wear it for the concert.

There are over 120 kids in the school choir! That's pretty good when you figure our school averages maybe 60 kids per grade. There are not enough robes for everyone anymore, so that's why the girls wear the robes and guys wear ties. This small group of kids pictured here is the kids who tried out for the All-State choir recently. Austin is in the back row, 2nd from the right, and the music director had them sing 2 of their audition songs. The cool thing about this director is that two years ago, before he came to our school, the previous directors would maybe have 4 or 5 kids audition each year. Now, we have the most kids auditioning over any of the other schools. Awesome!

After the singing was over, we moved from the school auditorium to the gym where the band was set up and they played some songs, including Christmas songs that got everyone in the Christmas spirit.

It was a fun concert and I'm always amazed at the talent these kids have. It really makes me envious because I can't sing, and I have no idea how to read music.


Darla said...

wow, band AND choir? that's awesome! and if i remember right he does plays too? and basketball? he's a busy fellow!

Dena said...

Yes, you are correct. He does all those things and more, but thankfully, they don't usually overlap too often, or for too long. Thankfully our school is small, so it allows for the kids to be involved in a variety of activities, and my kids have always taken advantage of that.