Saturday, December 26, 2009

But I Want More

That was the statement our children used to say at each birthday and each Christmas. When they were done opening presents they always stuck out their bottom lip to be sure we knew how sad they were. Their shoulders would sag and they would proclaim "But I want more".

I remember thinking "How do we change this? We are raising horriby selfish children!" While I did/do love shopping for gifts for them, I don't believe they are over-indulged in any way. Yet, we still heard "I want more".

Last night Ashley & Chelsea and I were talking in the living room and the conversation went like this:

Chelsea: Well, that's it. Christmas is over.
Ashley: Yea, I wish there was more.
C: I know. It's never get enough.
Dena: Are you serious? Not enough? Shall we examine what you got for Christmas? You really think it's "not enough"? If that's true, then we've failed as parents."
C: Wow, Mom, chill.
A: Yea, just relax. That's not what we meant.
D: Oh Really? Then explain it to me. What did you supposedly mean?
C: Just that now that it's over, we go back to school and work.
A: Yea. I love school and all my friends there, but I like being home here too, and I wish it could last longer than just a couple of days.
C: Yea. We want more. Not more presents, but more time at home. More having fun together and none of the stress. Get it?
A: Even when we were kids. You get all excited about Christmas coming...the time with family, relatives, food, and presents, and then all too fast it's over.
D: I get it and I'm really sorry for thinking differently.

I did get it, more than they knew, and it made me smile to know they got it...even as kids. It's wasn't about the presents at all.

And as I stood at the door this morning waving good-bye to Ashley who was headed back to work (and staying at her dorm), I couldn't help but stick out my bottom lip and think "But I want more".


Cindy Lou said...

Oh how sweet!! I do understand that and I feel the same way! I am a new visitor to your blog and I guess I joined in on the perfect day!! My oldest son is in the USMC and is now deployed and I miss him so much!! For every moment that we spend with each other some how is just not enough!! I want more too!! I enjoyed reading and will be back stop by and give me a visit sometime!! Have a great day and get as much as you can so that when everyone is gone back to their routine you still have a little stuck back! Your new Friend from Georgia!!

Edie said...

Aw this is bittersweet.
So glad you had a nice Christmas even if it was too short. :)

mom and dad said...

I know how you feel!

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Awww, this brought tears to my eyes. Edie has the right word...bittersweet.

Thanks for reminding me that my kids are probably "getting it" too. Even if it doesn't seem like it.

Kelly said...

How very right they are. I always want "more" too.

Darla said...

yep, it's all over with too quickly! and we spend a month getting ready for it!

sara said...

I know exactly how you feel!!!

just want you to know that I am entering you in the have been so faithful about project 365 and I was so sorry to hear about your pictures this week!!!

Joyce said...

wow.... that made me cry! such a great post! i love reading your posts. i think you should write a book.