Monday, December 07, 2009

A Full Year Of Donny?

I know a lot of people have facebook now, so I'm under the assumption that a lot of you have probably seen this ad they have:

Donny Osmond Wall Calendar: This 2010 Official Donny Osmond calendar features a year's worth of amazing color photographs of this former teen idol. Currently seen on Dancing with the Stars Season 9, Donny also recently starred onstage in the musical Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. This calendar also includes a 12" x 24" pull-out poster!

Now I remember being a 12 or 13 yr old girl when Donny released his first album and he was about the same age. He was young enough that his voice hadn't even changed yet. However, when he crooned "Puppy Love" I just knew he was singing directly to me! I was going to grow up and one day be Mrs. Donny Osmand....or Mrs. Shaun Cassidy. I wasn't totally sure yet.

The thing is, I still like Donny. If you followed him at all on Dancing With The Stars recently, I'm sure you noticed that this guy is the epitome of showmanship. The guy can still sing and dance with the best of them and he gives it 110% every time he performs.

That having been said, would I want to have a calender of pictures of just him by my desk or on my fridge? Or hang the poster up in my office? Sorry Danny, but the answer to both would be no.

I have to wonder how many of them will actually be sold. hhhmmm.....


Kelly said...

Probably quite a few. He has a rather large family, doesn't he?

Debbie said...

As a 12-14 Year old girl, I had Donny Osmond and David Cassidy plastered all over my bedroom wall. But as a 50 year old woman, flipping 12 months of Donny doesn't seem as appealing to me as it did back then. Oh the perils of growing up!!!!

Helmut said...

Susan Boyle’s favorite song is “Puppy Love”! Check out her answer in this interview:

Are you guys going to watch the Susan Boyle special on TV Guide Network tomorrow night? I was talking to some other fans and they hadn't heard about it so I wanted to make sure you knew! Tell your friends about it, because that's the only time and place they'll be able to see it in the US!"