Saturday, December 05, 2009

Project 365 ~ Week 49

Sunday - 11/29

Last day of Thanksgiving break. Ashley & Chelsea decided to get in a little Wii competition before they headed back to their colleges. Here they are doing a running race.

Monday - 11/30

CYBER MONDAY! My new favorite day of the year! I did a LOT of my Christmas shopping online today, and found some pretty good deals. Even if things weren't less expensive, all the stores had free shipping. That meant, no lines, no parking hassles, they delivered it right to my door, and best of all, I could shop in my pjs! :)

Tuesday - 12/1

Some good friends of ours have season tickets to the ISU mens basketball games. They were unable to go to the game tonight, so they asked if we'd like to use their tickets. Unfortunately ISU lost, but it was still fun to be there with all the noise and excitement.

Wednesday - 12/2

Oh my goodness, what a BEAUTIFUL day! Unseasonably was near 60 degrees, which is almost unheard of for December in Iowa. Tucker had discovered the many weak spots in the fence we have for the dogs, so Jay, his dad, and a good friend took advantage of the nice weather and put up a new fence. Poor Tucker wasn't very happy. He sat by the fence and "pouted" most of the day. lol

Thursday - 12/3

I had a doctor appointment today and on my way home I saw this:

That snow plow should have been an omen to me, because less than 10 miles north, I ran into this:

snow, and blowing snow. Yuck! Yuck! Yuck! Yuck!

Friday - 12/4

As most of you know, Ashley is on the competitive dance team at her college. This weekend they competed in the State of Iowa Dance Team Championships. They did so awesome!! I currently only have this one picture available which shows Ashley in her jazz routine outfit. Well, truthfully, I have more, but Ashley wanted to be the first to post pictures on her facebook page. So, on Monday I will post more pictures of the competition here, so be sure to come back! :)

Saturday - 12/5

One of the items I ordered on Cyber Monday arrived today. It's a known fact that ever since we had kids, I've always complained that it takes so long to sign all 5 of our names on cards and gifts...I know, can you say L-A-Z-Y! For years now I sign almost everything with just our initials "JDACA" as if it's a word or name in itself. One of our nieces even asked about us one time and said "I sure hope jdaca can make it." LOL Therefore, I ordered these letter ornaments that are made to look like they are decorated Christmas cookies. They really are so cute. I'm thinking of just making a bunch of copies of this picture to tape to the gifts this year. :-P

I hope your enjoying the start of the Holiday season! Head on over to Sara's through the link in the side bar to enjoy more Project 365 photos.


Darla said...

great week! i love those tree ornaments!!! and your girls competing on the wii. ;D

Edie said...

So who won the race??

Poor Tucker! He looks VERY disappointed!

I think you have a great idea with those letter ornaments. Maybe you could just arrange them in the proper order, take a picture of them and print several to include with your Christmas cards. Then you will never have to sign again. :)

rita said...

Love JDACA :)
And sunshine and snow,
and college kids and Wii games,
and dancing!
Way to go, Ashley!