Sunday, December 13, 2009

Project 365 ~ Week 50

Wow...week 50! I can't believe we've been doing this for 50 weeks! I also can't believe there's only 2 weeks left!

Sunday - 12/6

The lights haven't been working on our tree, so the guys set out to get them fixed.

Just the top is left now! It didn't take much longer and they had it all lit up! Yeah!!

Monday - 12/7

We have been told a bad winter storm is coming, so Jay and I went to get groceries before he had basketball practice, and after going to his Chiropractor appointment. There is a snow/sledding/tubing place along the highway and we saw them making snow. I guess it'll make a good base for the foot of snow they say we will get.

Tuesday - 12/8

The coverage for the storm is all over the news today! Austin got out of school early and we settled in for the evening.

And what better way to sit out a storm than by watching the Biggest Loser Finale!! The "at home" winner of $100,000.00 was from Iowa! :)

Wednesday - 12/9

Over a foot of snow on the ground as of 9am. The winds were blowing between 30-40 mph with gusts of 50+mph. At times it was hard to see the barn for the mini horses.....

And at times, the whiteout was so bad that the barn pretty much disappeared!

Thursday - 12/10

The storm is over and after being cooped up for the past couple of days, we decided to venture out and go to a couple of stores. Vehicles that were still in the ditches were the reminders of the storm.

When we got back home, Jay and Austin went to do chores and Austin snapped this picture of Sundogs.

Friday - 12/11

Moving snow was on Jay's agenda for today. The blade on the front of his truck, as well as our snowblower both got quite the workouts!

Tonight Austin & Jay went to the high school boys basketball game in another town and I wasn't up to sitting on those hard bleachers. So instead, I stayed home and watch the rivalry game of Iowa State vs Iowa. It was an exciting basketball game to watch and our ISU Cyclones came out on top! Woohoo!

Saturday - 12/12

Each year the music director at our school has a dodgeball tournament as a fundraiser for the show choir, which Austin is a member of, and he uses the money for costumes and props. For example, one of the songs they will be doing is "The Eye Of The Tiger" and he bought each member a pair of Everlast boxing gloves. For the fundraiser you put together a team complete with nicknames. Austin's team were the "Hillbilly Deluxe" and they all wore overalls.

Jay's team were the "Shed Heads". The wife of one of his team members owns a fitness center called "The Shed" and she provided their shirts, so that's how they came up with the name. Jay is on the right in this picture. I'll post more pictures in the upcoming week. It really was a fun night!

So there you have our week. I'm hopeful that I won't be have anymore snow pictures to show, but then again....this IS Iowa...ha! Be sure to check out other great pictures by clicking on the link in the sidebar!


Kim said...

What a week. Happy to just see the snow in your photos :-) NOT missing that aspect of living in the frozen tundra (a.k.a. Michigan) AT ALL. We much prefer the moderate climate in Carlos Paz :-) Plus, it's summer here now -- although we have had hail a few times in the past month. We get these blasts of cold air and storms from the south periodically and we must be at the epicenter where cold meets hot air. Hail storms are quite common in summer here.

Love the concept of a dodgeball fundraiser! Sounds like those guys really get into the spirit of things, with their names and costumes!

Your tree is so pretty! And big! :-)

Elizabeth said...

Wow... look at all that snow...
Glad the Christmas tree lights got fixed. I have the hardest time getting them to work again once something goes out... so I normally go get some new lights.
The dodge ball game looks like alot of fun!

sara said...

we had trouble with our lights too! but now all are working!

Ok, did you think the at home winner was a bit TOO thin? can't remember her name, but I thought she looked sickly thin.

wow, that is a true whiteout!!

The sundog picture is beautiful....but what is a sundog?

what a GREAT idea for a fund raiser!!

stay warm! :)

Dena said...

Kim, we have a 10' ceiling in our living room, so we bought a 9' tree. :)

Sara, I honestly didn't notice how thin she looked because I was in too much shock over her haircut and color....which I was not a fan of.

Sundogs are the prisms of light you see on each side of the sun. Not sure why they are called that, but you see them when it's bitterly cold out and something about the light from the sun reflecting off the snow...or something like that. ha! We usually see them on one side of the sun several times each winter, but it's more unusual to see them on both sides.

Edie said...

I'm glad you and the mini horses made it through the storm ok. I'm really feeling for the poor soul who owns that ditched truck and horse trailer. These photos confirm my desire to never live where it snows. LOL!

Love the sundogs photo. I had never heard of those before.

I would not want to be on the receiving end of Austin's dodge-ball!

Darla said...

great week, i cannot believe how much snow you got! i loved seeing the barn disappear! wow. i also learned that you live in Iowa, that is so awesome, i have never known anyone that lived in Iowa.