Friday, December 11, 2009

Snow Days

Well, we survived the great blizzard of '09. Over a foot of snow, 50+ mph wind gusts, and dangerous wind chills. Since we had all that within 48 hours, I'm thinking we should now get 48 days of 60 degree weather. Yes, I'd like it warmer than that, but I don't want to be too greedy.

The biggest problem we are having with this storm is the dogs. They go out and after a short time they get ice in the crevices of their paw pads and then they can't walk. And, of course, it always happens as they do a little "Bichon Blitz" action and they are 50 out in the yard and I have to go out and get them.

Today the snow plows finally came down our gravel road, so we are free! This evening, Austin & I convinced Jay that we needed to get out of this house. Off we went to Target.

I did need a few things like paper towels, a flash drive, etc, but I would have been content to go anywhere at that point.

The roads weren't too bad, but we did see the remnants of the storm. We saw many cars in the ditches and an overturned semi was on the side of the road. We heard on the news a fatal accident had involved a semi, so we're guessing that was the one. So sad.

So that's been our excitement the past few days. I know...we live the rockstar lifestyle! ha!

How did you do doing the storm? Did you beat our 12" of snow?


mom and dad said...

have heard we got 13, even though the original story was 11. We did not measure, so who knows who is right. glad you were able to get out a bit-I prefer to stay in.
hope all is well with everyone of you. the guy killed in accident, I think, was 26 from Boone.(his name was Adam Newcomb-I am pretty sure close relative of Florine Hammarstedt)-yes, very sad.

Aimie said...

So sorry you are stuck in all that snow and cold. It sounds yucky!! I hope it warms up soon for you!!

Dont hate me, my family and I live in Southern California so I complain that it is too cold when it is 60! I will see about sending you some of our "warmer" winter weather LOL! Hope your weekend is sunny!

Kelly said...

Girl, girl, girl. Down here in the Peach State, we only got cold and wind. Do you know how much I would pay for a good snowfall like the one you got? But I guess if you get snow a lot, you would get tired of it. And I get cabin fever after about the first hour. Ha! Glad you can get out. Be safe.

Dena said...

Kelly, I definitely get tired of about the 3rd hour of Winter. LOL

Aimie...I am jealous. We lived in So California for a few years, and I think that's what ruined Winter for me. Knowing there are places that don't have to deal with snow and ice are like Paradise!

Mom, are you referring to the semi/car accident? If so, we drove past the location last night and saw the semi still there, upside down. So tragic.