Monday, January 04, 2010

#1 Reason For No Posting

I just tallied up all the basketball games I will be attending in the next few weeks (through the first week of Feb). This includes all the Freshman boys games that Jay coaches, the JV boys games that Austin plays in, the Varsity girls & boys games (Jay is an asst coach for the boys), and the few home games that Ashley dances at at her college that we like to go watch....

Can I have a drum roll please?


Yes, you read that right....54 games in 34 days! Sounds like a Rockstars schedule. ha!

That is in part due to the make-up games that they have rescheduled, but oh my-lanta that's a whole lotta bball folks! I have 2 t-shirts that have our schools name on them for the high school games, and 1 that says the dance teams name on it that I'll wear to Ashley's games. Those 3 shirts are going to be thread bare by the time they get washed this many times. LOL

Oh, and this weekend is our annual road trip to Minnesota to watch Ashley's dance team compete.

Good thing there's nothing else to do in the Winter around here. ha! Oh wait....I wonder if there are some ISU home games we can squeeze in?

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sara said...

yikes! that is a lot of games!!!