Friday, January 08, 2010

Storm Photos

Wednesday 1/6 - noon-ish

The snow started to fall. "Isn't it pretty?" is what everyone kept saying. If it were the first snowfall of the season, then yes, I could say that it's pretty. However, this is the 3rd major snowstorm we've had so far and we're only a couple of weeks into winter.

The snow started to fall harder.

Our poor farm cats were about as amused as I was.

Thursday - 1/7

The winds really picked up and were blizzard strength all day long. Huge drifts started to form.

By the time we went to bed, there was a WALL of snow out our back door. Our back yard that is fenced in for the dogs has a 4' fence that runs around the entire 100'x100' yard. This wall was 4-6 feet tall in places and enveloped the entire yard!

Friday - 1/8

This morning Jay took Austin to get his stitches out (he had gum reconstructive surgery). He was glad he had the blade on the front of his truck in case he ran into drifts.

Looking out front, the snow doesn't look too bad...

...but looks can be deceiving! Check out these drifts! This one covers my side of the garage and out our back door. We would have been totally stuck, but Jay had parked his truck in the other side of the garage with it facing out, so this morning he just stepped on the gas and plowed his way through the drifts. :)

I did find it interesting how the drifts looked like whipped meringue peaks.

The steps you can see just a part of, lead up to our front door. However, you can also see the drift in front of the door inhibits us from using it. Plus, it's also frozen shut. :-/

To give you an idea of how big these drifts are....we have a basement under our house, and the basement is only partially in the ground. The top 4' are above ground, which you can't see at all in these pictures. The drifts are easily 8' tall in spots.

The building you see that is almost covered up is where I had the pet boarding kennel. There are 6-8' drifts around the entire building. I do miss the kennel, but during weather like this, I don't miss having to try to walk up to 25 dogs.

This is the 6' fence that surrounds the kennel building and divides that yard with the yard for our dogs. You can see that the drifts on the other side of the fence are taller than the fence.

Remember the 4-6' wall I showed from last night? The drift you see on this side of the fence is part of that wall. As you can see, it grew overnight and most of it is well over 4', and is 8' high in several spots.

I know, it's pretty, right?

Well, all I can think is:



Joyce said...

wow, wow, and wow! papa and i just got done looking at your pictures. I just said it looked like whipped cream when I saw what you wrote. lol! Can you imagine being in the 1800's when these happened. Bad. It does look pretty cool. And cold! Have a good weekend! xoxo Joyce

mom and dad said...

Question - so how did you get out, thru the garage on the other side?
Lets hope some melts before we get more - right?

Dena said...

Once Jay pushed his way out of the garage (thankfully he thought ahead and parked facing out), that's how we had to get out of the house. It stayed that way until the next afternoon when the guys brought the big equipment and blew all the snow out of the way. We still have the huge drift in front of our front door, so that's not being use until Spring.