Friday, February 26, 2010

More snow pictures from this wonderful winter:

It's going to be a while before we can use our front door. Our poor dogs are sad that they can't see out "their" window to watch for "bad guys"....or kitties.

Out our back door. I'm sure the dogs wish they could just have an indoor bathroom. The highest part of that fence is about 10' high.

The tree line you see way back in the distance on the left is our farm. This is the road to our house, and as you can see, in most parts it's down to just one lane due to these huge drifts across the road.

This is the view as we have to leave out of our drive. The drift is so high, that we have no clue if someone is coming towards us as we pull out or not. The one or two people who normally drive on this road are retired farmers who drive slow enough, that it's not a problem. The problem is the people with suspended (or no) license who use our road to avoid police and they drive like it's the interstate...not gravel.

Once the road crews come by, we have to "clean up" the mess they leave and push snow back out of our drive and further off the roads. On this day I rode along with Jay while he moved snow at several locations with the blade on the front of his truck. We even grabbed some lunch and went back out. Guess that was a date? LOL

At this point....I know how this poor kitty feels. lol


SusanD said...

Oh my holy cow! That's a LOT of snow. And, that is exactly why I don't miss Iowa winters. Here's to an early, warm spring. Blessings, SusanD

Joyce said...

Wow... I could not handle it. I like snow, but that is way too much. But Spring is coming! ;D That is the good news! They were beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Fran said...

When we lived on the farm in Canada we suffered as all did when the snow fell. THEN the day after when it was sunny and breezy the drifts started and ..... well you know the rest of the story.