Saturday, February 13, 2010

Project 365 ~ Week 7

We finished up the basketball seasons this week, so this is the last time you'll see any of those types of pics until next November. However, we are still getting yucky weather, with more snow early in the week, and we are getting more yet again tonight. *sigh* So now promises on when the snow related pics will end.

Sunday 2-7

Superbowl Sunday!

The high school youth group conducted our church service today. They selected the songs and the bible readings, and they did a skit for the sermon. They did a great job! See the big screen on the right? That had the words to the songs on it and that was Austin's job. He ran the computer to "turn the pages" to be sure to have the correct lyrics up.

Even though neither of my fav teams were playing, I still love football, so I was excited for the game in the afternoon. And of course then there are the commercials. This one cracked me up. It's the one with the members of the 80's Bears team rapping about aging. Very funny!

Monday 2-8

Homemade chili for supper (and leftovers for lunch the next couple of days). Yum!!!

Tuesday 2-9

Oh look....another blizzard. (insert eye rolling here). This is one of our drifts out back, that is now approximately 10' tall at its highest.

While normally we'd all be upset that school was canceled yet another day, but today we were ok with it. Austin had a really bad cold that settled in his sinuses and he was pretty miserable. It was good to give him the day to be a couch potato and rest up. He felt much better the next day.

Wednesday 2-10

The day after....sure looks pretty now doesn't it?

Chelsea and I made the trip to go watch Ashley and her dance team perform on the sidelines and at half-times of both the mens and womens university basketball games.

Thursday 2-11

Look who went shopping today. :)

Friday 2-12

Last games of the season tonight. We had Jays game first. Here he is during a time-out. They went on to win their game. Yeah!

After Jay's team was done, then Austin's team took to the floor for their game. They also won! Double Yeah!

Saturday 2-13

Ashley's University had their last home basketball games of the season, so this was the last time Ashley & the dance team would perform this season as well. Today they performed their kick routine at half-time (think Rockettes). It's always a crowd pleaser. Ashley is on the left end.

They also performed at all the time-outs.

That was our week. It'll be nice to be able to eat at home again for a while. That is...until golf season starts. LOL


sara said...

i'm thinking golf season is not going to start for a while up there...just sayin'!

wow, your snow reminds me of when we lived in North Dakota....I think I need to quit complaining about the measly 7" we got!

looks like a great week with your kids!!!

Dena said...

Golf season has already started in our house. The guys have an indoor golf net set up, and they have their putting mats out. lol

Angie's Ad Lib said...

Love that your superbowl Sunday was in church!

I was in Chicago in the 80's and am one of Jim McMahon's biggest fans. This commercial cracked me up!

I'll see your snow and raise ya! Our highest level was 30"! Whew! Don't ya think we should share some with Miami!

We had some illness around here while being snowed in too. It is great to not have to be anywhere, but it steals a little of the joy of getting the time off too. Glad he's better; so are we.

Love the snowy tree!

Goodness, Ashley, what a kick! Awesome.

Enjoyed your pics; see you next week!

Amy said...

So much snow...everywhere!! But golf is just around the corner. The chili looks so good and warming...ha ha.

Great pictures


Tori said...

Looks like a great week with lots of activities! I noticed Ashley is the highest kicker!! :)

skoots1mom said...

wow you made our 4" look like nothing...I can't imagine 10feet
great pics :)

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

your snow kickes my snow's booty, we only got 3 inches


Kelly said...

That snow is incredible. After our five inches Friday, I can honestly say I don't see how y'all live in that for months. It makes the biggest mess I've ever seen.

Oh, well, loved the pictures and I can't wait for your golf season to start. Loved hearing about the tournaments.

Have a good week, my special Iowa friend.