Monday, February 15, 2010

For Aunt Julie

At a recent basketball game, Jay's dear Aunt Julie (who is actually a few months younger than me) stated that she checks my blog daily to see if she's in it, and has been greatly disappointed to see that she hasn't been in it at all, so here you go Aunt Julie. This time it really is ALL about you. LOL

At the above mentioned game, we were being pretty silly, and at one point I did the whole valley girl thing and said "O.M.G. can you like totally believe it?" or something to that effect. Julie thought I said L.M.G. and she was obviously very confused, and the giggles ensued.

For most of the rest of the game we tried to figure out what L.M.G. could stand for, which is really hard to do inbetween the fast-break, fouls, free throws, and technical fouls (that kid really does have some anger issues) of your son or nephews game.

Well, you are in luck Julie Julie, one of the dogs woke me up at 5am on Saturday morning and I was wide awake after letting her out. What else did I have to do but come up with acronyms for LMG? So here is my list:

Let me go

Luxurious mountain getaway (my personal favorite)

Like my gown?

Lovely mini gardenias

Low mobility group (that's one I should join?)

Laser machine gun

Like my gloves?

Like minded group

Liquid methane gas (Uncle Dave? Jay?)

Like my guns?

Let's move to Greece (just think, we could sing Mamma Mia songs all the time!)

Let me guess

For the record...I can totally see us using the last one lol....

LMG are we having ham for supper?

LMG are you going to the concert tomorrow?

LMG is that a new shirt you're wearing?

LMG are you as tired as I am of the view you get when people who are wearing LOW cut jeans sit down in front of you?

Is it sad that I found myself giggling as I came up with these? lol


Joyce said...

I LOVED THEM... I think you're on to something!

Julie said...

now thats good:)

Julie said...