Monday, February 01, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

I can't believe the weekend is over already. Guess that's a sign that it was a good one, huh? :)

Friday night, Jay and Austin traveled to the high school basketball game. I stayed home, because on Saturday we went to Ashley's college to watch her dance during their basketball games. It seems that every time they have had a home game, the weather was bad enough that we were forced to stay home.

I tend to struggle with my pain levels if I try to do outings 2 days in a row, and since I was wanting to make it to Ashley's game, I stayed at home on Friday.

Last Tuesday Gabby had surgery for bladder stones and since then, she has had complications. We took her to the vet on Friday, and then again on Saturday morning on our way to Ashley's game. She has been there ever since.

Sunday morning found me at home. I had planned to go to Church, but the vet had said she was going to call me in the morning and it's possible Gabby would be ready to go home. So I waited and waited. I finally got a call at 2:30pm. P.M I didn't realize she was on college student time. :-/ gggrrr.

The rest of Sunday found me working in my old office. For several years it was the "hub" for me to be able to be as organized as possible. I was a 4-H leader and had all the papers and records for it, so I could plan meetings and activities. I ran the boarding kennel and had all client records and other necessary information. I had helped with writing Sunday School curriculum, so all that was in there. And, tons upon tons of scrapbooking "stuff". If it was related to scrapbooking, I had it. And lastly, there was all the school supplies and other office related items.

I am no longer a 4-H leader. I no longer own/operate the kennel. I no longer help write curriculum. And I finally got honest with myself and admitted that I will never do any scrapbooking. It's obviously not due to a lack of items. It's not due to a lack of time anymore. It's due to one simple fact: I have no desire to scrapbook. None. Nada. I am content to just put pictures in albums and call it good. And I am ok with that. Therefore I gave all my items to a couple of friends of mine who have young children. They both love to do all that sort of stuff, so I know they'll get good use out of everything.

I'll let you know later why I did all that cleaning/sorting. Care to make any guesses? LOL


mom and dad said...

I know BUT I won't tell!!! sounds like another sorta busy weekend. scrapbooking never did appeal to me either however am impressed with those that chose to do it. wly

Kelly said...

No, I have no idea and the suspense is killing me.