Wednesday, March 31, 2010

FFA Banquet

We went to the FFA Banquet last night, where awards are handed out and new officers are installed. Austin is very active in FFA (as were the girls when they were in high school) and it's a great organization with lots of opportunities. They attend the state convention every year and they go to the National Convention once during their high school years and they meet so many great kids from all over. Anyhow, on to the banquet.

Austin had a great night!

Here he is receiving his leadership award, which is given to 1 member from each grade that shows outstanding leadership in the organization as well as in school.

He is next to the yellow flag in this picture. He is receiving his 2nd year chapter member award.

Here he is receiving his Proficiency award for swine entrepreneurship...which basically means he won an award for outstanding breeding, raising and selling of his pigs.

Austin was elected as a Co-Treasurer for their chapter and this picture shows the installation of the new officers. Austin is to the right of the yellow flag.

Right after being installed, a section of the FFA flag banner fell down and Austin taped it back up. We joked that this was his first official action as an elected officer. LOL

And here he is showing his Leadership and Proficiency awards. :)

It was a fun night, as a lot of the kids are either cousins or friends who all show at the county and/or state fair, so we know not only them but their parents and families as well, which makes it extra fun. Another great part to the night was that it was potluck. Oh my goodness - the food was AWESOME!

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