Monday, March 29, 2010

Let's Dance!

This past Saturday we went to Ashley's University. They had their annual showcase where they do every dance they did throughout the past season, as well as doing some new dances. Even though we had seen most of the dances at competitions or football and basketball games, it still is fun to see them again. Here's some pictures from the afternoon:

One of their Pom routines (How adorable is she???) :

Their Kick routine. They kick almost non-stop for up to 3 minutes. It is an exhausting type of dance, but so awesome to watch.

Hip-Hop routine (her least favorite. As she puts it, I'm a small town farm girl that shows pigs...not a gansta girl):

Their Lyrical routine (so beautiful):

This is another Pom routine (these outfits are my favorite):

Here's a shot of the whole team. Ashley is in the back row, right under the center of the balloon arch.

As soon as that was over, we left to head back for our high school's Spring dance show. They too performed all the routines they have performed during the past season. They also do an all-male dance and a co-ed dance. Austin's girlfriend is on the dance team, and therefore he knew she would be asking him to be her partner. He was a good sport and he did a good job considering he's never danced before. Here's a couple of shots of him dancing. They did a mix of songs including the COPS theme song. The girls were police officers and the guys were inmates and it ended with the guys in handcuffs. It was pretty fun to watch.

Chelsea stayed with Ashley while she got changed and finished up at her university, and then both came to watch their brother. I was so surprised that they actually agreed to letting me take their picture. Score! :)

I love this picture but it also makes me laugh. Ashley looks so tiny in comparison, and Chelsea looks to be almost the same height as Austin. In reality, Austin was slouching and Chelsea was wearing her cowboy boots with 3" heels. LOL

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Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Hey Dena! Hadn't been by in a good to see you again! The kids look great; hope all is well and you're feeling better.

These pictures make me want to be 18 again.

Okay, well that's over. I don't think I'd want to do ALL that over again, but it was a sweet thought.