Sunday, March 28, 2010

Project 365 ~ Week 13

I'm late getting these posted this week. We were gone yesterday to dance programs and then we went out for a late supper with friends, and it was close to midnight when we got home. Ok, on to the pictures:

Sunday - 3/21

The guys got home from their golf trip, and I got home from my little getaway. That means, this evening the washer and dryer were constantly running to get all the laundry done.

Monday - 3/22

It is getting tougher to get our schedules coordinated with the girls to get to spend some time with them. We were talking about how we all needed groceries, so we met up to do our grocery shopping together. LOL

2 carts full later, we headed out to divide the groceries up between our cars. We had so much fun that we've talked about doing that again.

Tuesday - 3/23

Jay had a benign cyst-like growth on the top of his head. Other members of his family get them and the only reason to have them removed is if they are painful....or, in Jay's case, if the hair on the top of your head is getting pretty thin and you can see the growth through it. He decided to get it removed and was pretty sore the rest of the day. As he put it "Today, Advil is my friend."

Wednesday - 3/24

I had a really rough evening that ended with Jay taking me to the ER again. They gave me a shot of morphine and sent me back home. There really is nothing they can do except use the morphine to relax my body enough that the muscles in my back, legs & arms will stop spasming, which means the pain will stop.

Thursday - 3/25

The couch was where I spent most of today. The morphine always leaves me so dopey and sleepy, even the day after. I honestly slept almost the entire day, and even when awake, my eyes were only half-way open. :-/ I'm glad I have this quilt. My mother made it, and it is the softest, cuddliest quilt I have ever felt. When she gave it to us, my kids started calling it the "sick quilt", because when any of us got sick, we wanted to cuddle up with it.

Friday - 3/26

This picture was taken a week or so ago, but it works here too because Jay had to repaint yet another spot where I misspelled a word. I proof-read words myself at least twice, yet two times now I have misspelled a word. ugh!

Saturday - 3/27

GVU Spring Showcase - they did several dances and I'll post more of them tomorrow.

SH Night Of Dance - Austin was in the co-ed dance with his girlfriend. I'll post more pictures of this tomorrow as well.

So that was our week. Head over to Sara's through the link in the sidebar to check out more!


Elizabeth said...

What a week you had... I hope you are feeling better and your week ahead is a wonderful one!

Lori at The Davidson Den said...

Alright. I'm thinking you just needed an excuse to get a good picture of your nice, new washer/dryer set. ;)

That is HILARIOUS that y'all did your visiting and hanging out while buying groceries! That is what I call a busy family. Ha!

Oh, man. So sorry about your physical troubles. Must be hard. Glad you have such a cuddly, made-with-loving-hands quilt to make you feel better, though.

Great pics!

sara said...

I hate to grocery shop and am always trying to get someone to go with me...what fun you had!!!

I think you need to tell your son he needs to look happier about dancing with his girlfriend! ha!

hope you have a better week this week!

The Bug said...

My husband had cysts like that removed early in our marriage. I apparently don't handle medical settings very well because they let me go in to sit with him after the surgery & I almost passed out! Or, you know, it could have been the oreos & sprite I had for breakfast that morning.

He & Me + 3 said...

I am so sorry about you having to go to the ER. I am new here, so i don't know your background, but it sounds like it happens more than just this time. I hope that you are OK. The quilt is beautiful.

Lori said...

Laundry - UGH! It is one of my least-favorite chores. You just get it all done and somebody puts something else in basket. It just doesn't stay finished! Praying that you have a better week...

rita said...

Sorry you had such a difficult day.
Glad you have such a great family.
Beautiful washer/dryer, too.