Friday, April 09, 2010

Laugh At Yourself-I Do It Often

I recently made a banana bread from a GF mix that was un-be-liev-able. It was so moist and yummy....just like a "real" loaf of banana bread. I was delighted to find they also sold a mix for pumpkin bread, plain bread, and a mix for apple pancakes/muffins. I bought 2 of each....that's how sold I was on the product.

This morning I was wandering around the kitchen after the guys left, trying to decide what to fix for myself for breakfast, and I decided on the apple pancakes.

I start mixing up the pancake mix and was a little disappointed that I couldn't detect the apple smell, but decided to withhold judgment until I actually tried them.

I got my skillet ready and went to scoop up some of the mix. seems awfully thick. I don't really care for pancakes that are 3" tall. hhhmmm....let's try adding more milk.

After adding 3/4 of a cup more of milk they seemed better, but my excitement was dwindling. It got worse as they didn't set up like pancakes would. Flipping them was a nightmare and they stuck to the griddle horribly, and tasting them was equally disappointing. Blech!

While the banana bread mix was a hit, these were obviously a miss, and I was sorry I had purchased 2 packages.

I cleaned up the kitchen and grabbed the pancake mix package to throw away....and that's when I saw the big "oops". By mistake, I had grabbed the plain bread package mix out of the pantry instead of the pancake mix.

I laughed at what I'm sure is something only I would do, and then I laughed harder at the thought of the look Jay will give me when he finds out. They say it's good to laugh at yourself. Well, if I could earn money by doing that, I'd be a millionaire, because goodness knows I get the opportunity to do it often.

Ok, excitement was over, but I was still hungry. Do I reach for the right package? Nah, by then my interest in cooking anything was over. I reach for the box of corn chex and go check my emails instead.

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2Thinks said...

Hey there, how's it going over here? I haven't been out in the blogosphere lately as much as I like be and haven't been over here in a while. But your GF post caught my eye. We are new to GF at our house and it is working very well for hubby and daughter's gut issues. I've been baking our own GF bread from scratch (big hassle) and other non-yeast breads for them to try. This banana bread sounds yummy. What cookbook? I've been using Bette Hagman's cookbooks and just purchased my own copies on

We eat that same cereal (Corn or Rice Chex) now, as it is GF. Do you have any other GF tips? It seems pretty expensive, this GF lifestyle- all those flours etc. I posted a few days back on a GF bread I made that was grrreat. But I made a GF lentil bread this week that is nasty!

Thanks and have a great weekend.