Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Night Cream

I have fibro related neuropathy. For anyone who has diabetic neuropathy, you will understand it when I say it's like your feet are on fire. Literally.

For me the pain is on the tops of my toes and the top of my feet. I also get it in my hands and an area of the back of my neck, but my feet and toes are by far the worst.

It hurts to wear shoes, it hurts to wear socks, and it even hurts to have them covered up when sleeping at night.

Doctors recommended over the counter creams and prescription patches & creams, but none of them worked well enough to be worth the bother of putting them on each night.

See full size imageMy neurologist who did all the tests to determine what my pain was from, sent a prescription to a compounding lab to make up. It is a topical cream that has been a miracle. Seriously.

I can sleep at night without waking up to intense pain and burning. I can sleep with covers on my feet so they aren't freezing. I can wear socks and it doesn't sting!

So, while some women put night cream on their face or hands....I put my on my feet. And we all look and feel better.

Who knows...I may even start dancing again. Look out Rockettes!!

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