Monday, April 19, 2010

Prom 2010

If you happened to see my Project 365 pictures for this past week, then you saw a glimpse of the pictures I'll show here.

Last Saturday Austin went to prom with his girlfriend of 7 months. Boy, getting him ready for prom is sure different than with our girls. With them, they had to get their hair done and their nails done, and then the whole putting on of the dress, and then their make-up and jewelry. It was exhausting.

I asked Austin "So, are you thinking of doing anything with your hair?" His comment: "Washing it".

Ok then. lol

With girls, it is an all day ordeal to get ready. Austin was to be at his girlfriends house at 12:30 for pictures. He literally got in the shower at 11:45 and still had time to make the 20 minute drive to her house. LOL

But let me back-up.... it all started a couple of weeks earlier with getting measured and fitted for the tux, and then last week we had to get last minute alterations done.

The vest was a little big, so the shop owner showed him how to adjust that.

But his jacket fit great.

While they were busy doing all of that, I got a little bored and started playing around with the camera on my phone. Peek-a-boo. Someone's peeking around the mirror. ha!

I nearly cried at how handsome Austin looked in his tux. I think I mostly teared-up over how grown-up my little boy is getting. His comment was "I clean up good don't I?"

We went to his girlfriend "K"s house to take pictures. She was so beautiful, she looked like a princess. She even had a tiara to top it off. They looked so nice together.

We headed out to take some outdoor pictures and K said she felt the urge for an impromptu hug. :)

Before Prom officially begins, there is the Promenade, where students and their dates are introduced and they walk down a runway so people can see the dresses and tuxes, and pictures can be taken. Its a fun way to allow people from the community to see all the kids.

Our school alternates the locations of where the Prom is held. On the odd years it is held at the school. On the even years it is held somewhere else. This year they made an hour long drive to Des Moines for the meal, dance and after prom activities.

Here they are on the bus waiting to leave.

When all the festivities were over, Austin & K came back to our house. According to Austin they were just going to stay up and watch movies until it was time to go to church. They didn't quite make that goal...ha!

Another fun thing our community does is, most kids who go to prom, go to church the following morning wearing their dresses and tuxes. So fun! This year we had 16 kids dressed up at church! Considering they had only managed to get a little over an hours worth of sleep, I think Austin & K are still looking pretty good! :)

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Kelly said...

Handsome son and beautiful girl. I love the promenade thing. That's a great idea. Loved the pics.