Saturday, April 17, 2010

Project 365 ~ Week 16

We had quite a bit going on this week, which made for fun picture taking!

Sunday - 4/11

Chelsea came home today to work with the horses, and as usual, the dogs were very excited to see her, and didn't want her to go outside.

Monday - 4/12

Today I had nerve testing done and it was not fun....enough said. I don't want to relive it. LOL

Thank goodness I had "ol' blue" with me. I definitely needed it.

Tuesday - 4/13

This afternoon signaled the official start of the high school golf season, as they had their first meet of the year.

Austin's girlfriend "K" is on the girls team, so we got to watch her play as well.

Wednesday - 4/14

Austin had his final tux fitting. Thankfully all fit well and looks nice, so he's ready for prom.

Thursday - 4/15

Austin left today for the FFA State Convention for 2 days. Before leaving I had him bring me all his dirty clothes. This is what I don't like about Spring (or Fall) in Iowa. The weather can fluctuate 30 degrees in any given day. So he starts out wearing a sweat shirt and jeans (or sweat pants) over a t-shirt and shorts. Because he removes the outer layers as it warms up, that gives equal chance for both layers to get dirty...and if you know anything about my son, you know he's a dirt magnet. The basket in front is his sheets, but goodness sakes - look at all the laundry behind it!

Friday - 4/16

We had a carpet cleaning service come today. We don't have much carpet left in our house, but what we do have is now nice and clean and fresh smelling.

Saturday - 4/17

Chelsea's University had their annual celebration this week/weekend, which included a parade. The Equestrian team that she is a member of rode in the parade, so we went down to cheer her on.

Afterwards, we headed back to take pictures of Austin and "K" before they headed to Prom. How beautiful is she??? And personally, I don't know that I've ever seen my son look more handsome.

Our school always does a parade before Prom actually begins. Students and their dates are introduced and they walk the runway so pictures can be taken. It's a fun way so any one from the community can come see all the beautiful dresses, and the great tuxedos.

That was our week. How was yours? Go visit Sara through the link on the side to see more pictures.


The Bug said...

What a GORGEOUS dress! I didn't know they wore them like that anymore - reminds me of something I would have wanted to wear to my own prom. And yes, your son is very handsome!

I hope that the nerve testing at least provided some answers for you!

mom and dad said...

great pics-thanks for sharing-oh, the great memories.

sara said...

those dogs look very happy!!!

still cringing about what you had to go through!!

Your boy looks SO handsome and what a gorgeous couple!!!

our prom is this next fun!

Rita said...

Wow! That was a busy week!
I didn't care for the pic of the dr.'s table! It sounds like you didn't care for any of it either! Hope that is over with.
Your son looks so handsome and she reminds me of a Barbie doll! What a beautiful gown!

Tori said...

Oh I feel your laundry pain! I'm in Indiana and my 4 kids do the same thing!!
Austin looks so handsome and her dress is gorgeous!! Love the parade idea, since so much goes into that one night.
Have a super week!!

McCrakensx4 said...

What a fun filled week! Love 'K's dress...absolutely beautiful! My hubby and I chaparoned the Sr prom at the HS he teaches at...but none of the dresses were that extreme...she looks like cinderella! And your son is just as handsome! Glad you were able to cheer on your daughter as well!

Elizabeth said...

I love your golf pictures... they look so professional.
What a beautiful couple. That dress makes her look like a princess!

beckyjomama said...

The dress is FABULOUS! And the gold pics were awesome.

The doc pic ... yeah, not so much.

Great job!

rita said...

Maybe Austin should start doing his own laundry!
Good looking couple, and
cute looking couple o'dogs :)
Talented rider and golfers.
Hope the pain of testing results in eventual relief.
Have a great week!

Dena said...

Austin does do his own laundry in the Summer. During the school year he is so busy with school, homework & sports that he just doesn't have much time. :)